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psychic medium, spiritual life coach, astrologer, and author

I help others transform their lives. If you feel like you have lost touch with your true self, contact me for a personal astrology reading, healing classes, or intuitive life coaching session. Rediscover how to live the life you’re meant to live.

Whether it’s Zoom, phone, or in-person outside in my garden, my work continues to thrive. If you’re ready to explore intuitive healing or experience an astrological reading, I would love to work with you.

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Gateways 2 peace

In Gateways 2 Peace, Polly Wirum offers a collection of essays that help bring spiritual awareness into everyday life. She shares personal stories, insights, as well as channeled messages that remind us of our universal connection. You will receive helpful guidance, as well as mystical insights, within her writing. Gateways 2 peace helps you can connect with personal peace and wisdom.
I have expanded into Arizona!

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Energy of the Week March 1, 2021

Energy of the Week March 1, 2021

Welcome to the Energy of the week for Mar 1, 2021 This week is all about counting our blessings .. some of us may feel like we are being crowded by choices and people that are waiting for us to act or decided .. but take a step back .. breathe and decide what you want...

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Energy of the Week February 21, 2021

Energy of the Week February 21, 2021

Welcome to the Energy of the week for Feb 21, 2020. This week holds the vibration of something big and impactful. We get to decide if it is positive or negative. This is the perfect week to remember the Universe doesn’t label things as good or bad .. it is our...

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What is a stuck mindset and is it affecting you?

What is a stuck mindset and is it affecting you?

What is a stuck mindset and is it affecting you? Recently I was hiking and thinking about the human condition.  There is a mentality many people experience regardless of demographics.  These Individual’s lives may look completely different on the outside, ( be it...

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Energy of the Week February 14, 2021

Energy of the Week February 14, 2021

Welcome to the Energy of the Week for February 14, 2021 ( Happy Valentine’s Day) If you have ever wondered what a snowstorm looks like.. this image is it . What does that have to do with the energy this week? First off things can change in a minute .. no warning and...

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Energy of the Week February 7, 2021

Energy of the Week February 7, 2021

Welcome to the Energy of the Week for February 7, 2021 We have lots of magic to connect with. Some of the magic can be a little distracting from your personal goals .. this week you may need to stand up and protect your personal dreams and goals. This week also...

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My past three years included a challenging pregnancy, cross country move and major surgery. At some point during that period I felt a deep loss of my sense of self, and increased “angry” stress.
Polly gave my reading on my birthday – and it was a tremendous gift. The reading immediately made me feel better and more self-aware.
She helped tap into my feelings and emotions by giving them a name and providing actionable steps to uncover my purpose and live a fulfilling life that’s attuned to my core values. I’m now on the path of self-discovery, and I feel like the “angry” stress pressure has been lifted.
Thank you Polly for a wonderful gift!


Polly is a complete professional. She is precise and clear with her information. During my reading, she picked up on a near-death experience I had as a child- no other psychic has ever asked me about this. She is truly gifted and her coaching program completely transformed my struggling life into a happily married owner of a successful business. Polly is enlightened and kind, when I need guidance from the angelic realm, I simply reach out to her.


It has been a couple of weeks since my meeting with Polly-and wow! Polly was so accurate -she even used words and phrases that only I would have known about. It’s comforting getting messages from loved ones you miss. Thank you Polly!


With Polly’s spot-on guidance and support I have moved from a murky, confused space in my life to a space of hope and optimism. Polly helped me find my path. After 3 years I still seek guidance from Polly when I find myself presented with tough or complicated situations. Much gratitude.


I was surprised at how spot on Polly was with everything she brought up. I’m going to use the tools given me to make my life easier to manage. Thank you Polly


Polly’s reading helped me to see things in a different light, bringing more awareness to situations in my life that needed to be evaluated. I was able to see where I was going and the path’s that are going to be opening for me.”


Whether it’s grief, loss, loneliness, or a personal quest to have a better life, I am here to help you. Please contact me today.

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Disclamer: Please note that all services are not to be in place of medical or other professional services.

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