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Polly Wirum

psychic medium, spiritual life coach, astrologer, and author

I help others transform their lives. If you feel like you have lost touch with your true self, contact me for a personal astrology reading, healing classes, or intuitive life coaching session. Rediscover how to live the life you’re meant to live.

Whether it’s Zoom, phone, or in-person outside in my garden, my work continues to thrive. If you’re ready to explore intuitive healing or experience an astrological reading, I would love to work with you.

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Gateways 2 peace

In Gateways 2 Peace, Polly Wirum offers a collection of essays that help bring spiritual awareness into everyday life. She shares personal stories, insights, as well as channeled messages that remind us of our universal connection. You will receive helpful guidance, as well as mystical insights, within her writing. Gateways 2 peace helps you can connect with personal peace and wisdom.
I have expanded into Arizona!

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Energy of the Week January 16, 2022

Energy of the Week January 16, 2022

Welcome to the Energy of the Week for Jan 16, 2022 The Energy this week of Jan 16, 2022 is amazing and powerful and transformative in the best ways. Imagine walking on your path, you go around a bend and see amazing promises of what waits you. Your heart skips a beat...

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Energy of the Week January 9, 2022

Energy of the Week January 9, 2022

Welcome to the Energy of the Week for Jan 9, 2022 This week is interesting because you may feel like life is moving in the right direction.. but some part of your life or even some part of your thinking begins to go off the rails.. This might be great! Maybe this is...

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Energy of the Week January 2, 2022

Energy of the Week January 2, 2022

Welcome to the Energy of the Week for Jan 2, 2022 We have cone so far! Collectively we are turning the corner and extending out our hands to help others along the way🙌. Now for this week.. The theme is Deep End .. It may appear like others are going over the deep end...

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Energy of the Week December 26, 2021

Energy of the Week December 26, 2021

Welcome to the Energy of the Week for Dec 26, 2021 This week is interesting because it is all about discovering neutrality; meaning removing expectations and labels. Imagine feeling extremely satisfied with your accomplishments of winning at the materialistic gamefish...

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Over the years Polly Wirum has helped me (and I believe, many others) in coming to grips with earth-bound ‘reality’. While we are yet to meet face-to-face, Polly is typical friend I can turn to in time of need and/or confusion. Having experienced the wonders of death-consciousness in a near-death experience, Polly has often encouraged and guided me, a gentle nudge this way… or that way. Withou reservation, I will highly recommend Polly Wirum.


I recently had a session with Polly and she used her abilities and gifts to help me to become motivated and re-energized about my future. Along with my guides and loved ones who have passed, Polly was able to give me their messages -nudging me to make a change in my life and how to propel my life forward.

Polly was thoughtful and also relayed the messages in a no-nonsense manner – very much like my grandma who she connected with. I was able to have a HUGE revelation of my life’s purpose and how to move forward with researching the next educational and career path for myself. I am excited and invigorated to start manifesting my future!


Thank you so much for a life changing weekend.

Wow Wow Wow… Thank you so much!

You are a saint! You helped me heal.


Before I met you, I had heard of angels and guides, just didn’t have any of my own. The guides and angels I met through your guided meditations in this weekend retreat have blown me away. My life is different now that I know for sure and certain that there are so many people (guides, angels, ancestors) in my life, loving and supporting me. I do not walk alone. Life changing. Thank you.

What a beautiful session! I left Pollys office today feeling refreshed, balanced, reassured, hopeful…the list goes on! I wish I could have her around always so I could feel the same amazing energy and clarity helping to guide me along my path. Polly is deeply tuned into her clients and my session with her provided me with special ways to connect to guidance on my own. She touched on so many parts of my life and answered my deepest questions. I was truly blown away and felt so comfortable around her. I cannot wait to have another session in the future. Thank you so much Polly for sharing such a special gift with the world!


Whether it’s grief, loss, loneliness, or a personal quest to have a better life, I am here to help you. Please contact me today. Or email me directly at

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Disclamer: Please note that all services are not to be in place of medical or other professional services.

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