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Polly Wirum

psychic medium, spiritual life coach, astrologer, and author

I help others transform their lives. If you feel like you have lost touch with your true self, contact me for a personal astrology reading, healing classes, or intuitive life coaching session. Rediscover how to live the life you’re meant to live.

Whether it’s Zoom, phone, or in-person outside in my garden, my work continues to thrive. If you’re ready to explore intuitive healing or experience an astrological reading, I would love to work with you.

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Gateways 2 peace

In Gateways 2 Peace, Polly Wirum offers a collection of essays that help bring spiritual awareness into everyday life. She shares personal stories, insights, as well as channeled messages that remind us of our universal connection. You will receive helpful guidance, as well as mystical insights, within her writing. Gateways 2 peace helps you can connect with personal peace and wisdom.
I have expanded into Arizona!

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Energy of the Week May 2, 2021

Energy of the Week May 2, 2021

Welcome to the Energy of the Week for May 2, 2021 First off May is a phenomenal month for getting you up and moving ❤️.. you may be wondering why the need for a rescue if May is so lovely . Here it is ... Look for the areas in your life that you have given away your...

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Energy of the Week April 25, 2021

Energy of the Week April 25, 2021

Welcome to the Energy of the Week for April 25, 2021 Imagine as you enjoy life and explore all that is offered .. you come across a serene village. You observe the occupants and notice the placement of the tents.. it is the perfect opportunity to discover how open you...

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Energy of the Week April 18, 2021

Energy of the Week April 18, 2021

Welcome to the Energy of the Week for April 18, 2021 I have been touching on welcoming surprises into your day and life .. This week is all about saying yes to the unknown and trusting that as it unfolds into your life it brings Beauty and stillness .. that my friend...

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Energy of the Week April 11, 2021

Energy of the Week April 11, 2021

Welcome to the Energy of the week for April 11, 2021 Imagine finding yourself on a slight variation to the path you use daily... There is an ease and comfort with how you move along .. It is almost effortless, how you have manifested this sense of freedom .. as you...

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Polly was so truly intuitive. She is real and makes you feel very comfortable. She helped put words and actions to some of the feelings, like I have been on the precipice of something bigger but looking for something that was already there. And made it ok!!!


It has been a couple of weeks since my meeting with Polly-and wow! Polly was so accurate -she even used words and phrases that only I would have known about. It’s comforting getting messages from loved ones you miss. Thank you Polly!


Polly is such an amazing and gentle human. Her compassion for life comes through in every session. She is very accurate and honest but always gentle. Talking to Polly feels like talking to an old friend. I always leave feeling like a weight has been lifted. If you need clarity in life or just someone to talk to I highly recommend her.


In a brief moment of self-doubt and a lifelong shunt of spirituality, my paths crossed with Polly. She helped me put important pieces of my past together, to be able to let them go. My path is clearer than ever, my relationships are healthier than ever, and the trajectory of my work has taken on a surprising rise. With some open-mindedness and effort, any change is possible.

Thank you Polly.


​I found myself in a tailspin, clinging to every ‘solution’ I could find to gain balance in my life.  Polly gently and compellingly brought my attention back to what mattered; myself. The tools and motivation I received from Polly turned it all around. I’m securely on the path to self fulfillment and peace.


I have been to Polly several times throughout the years and I have to say she is wonderful! Every time I have seen or talked to her, she taps into everything that is going on in my life with such clarity and love. She brought up things and situations that I was feeling and not sharing out loud to anyone. Her abilities go beyond “seeing,” she accesses the heart and truly sees and feels you. Polly uplifts, inspires, and guides people to live with peace, love, and openness. She is Amazing!!


Whether it’s grief, loss, loneliness, or a personal quest to have a better life, I am here to help you. Please contact me today. Or email me directly at

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Disclamer: Please note that all services are not to be in place of medical or other professional services.

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