10 Signs the Universe is Guiding You to a Better Life

Feb 3, 2021 | What The Universe Is Trying To Tell You

10 Signs the Universe is Guiding You to a Better Life

A couple of weeks ago, one of my friends experienced a significant life challenge.  As Martha shared her story, she emphasized there were many warnings of impending change.  This is not uncommon.  How often do you recognize when the Universe is guiding you?

When we listen, we are led to a better life.

When we don’t listen,  life often becomes more difficult.

One of the gifts we have in this life is to choose,  and if needed, choose again.  The combination of being aware of universal guidance while actively using free will,  can help  manifest a very rewarding life.

What happens when we overlook or ignore the enlightenment of the Universe?  My personal experience is this, the transformations are more difficult and suddenly life altering.

There was a time in my life that I was doing too much of the wrong thing.  My focus was not on my life calling.  I was given many signs that I needed to slow down and turn inward. I ignored the guidance,  until my physical body was depleted.  I had no choice but to stop everything and rediscover my connection with all that is.

It didn’t take long to get back on track.   Happily my entire life was transformed.  I can’t help but think, It would have been easier if I had not fallen off the rails in the first place.

The Universe shares messages and guides us every moment, of everyday.  This means our entire life is a reflection of the conversation with All That Is. Some of the communication styles are gentle reminders and some of the guidance is powerful.

Do you actively look for the Universe’s signs of guidance?  Remember,  direction might be in your entire life or just one or two areas.

Here are ten subtle, and not so subtle ways, the is Universe helping you discover an easier and more abundant life.

  • One of the most common signs that indicate we need to pause, and change things up, are BLOCKS.  These are occurrences that prevent us from moving forward in our desired way. They come in many forms.  Sometimes blocks call for a pause.  Other times the related events are so significant, the outside world seemingly shuts down and you have no option but to turn inward.  How ever blocks show up in your life, pause, look and listen.
  • If you are moving thru a time where you are LOOSING FRIENDS or JOBS, thank the Universe.  This might sound funny, but the Universe will remove what no longer serves you.  The releasing of old patterns, thoughts and beliefs occur when you let people and identities go.
  • When you have created room for change in your life INSPIRATION will come.  This may show up as a new creative expression.  It also might be discovering something you want to study, or a new place to live.  Inspiration brings that excitement for life back into your world.
  •  As you discover an inspired life, you naturally will seek NOURISHMENT for your MIND, BODY and SOUL with healthy choices.  You may feel pulled to meditate, eat healthy and live a balanced life style.
  • The Universe’s guidance will bring many TEACHERS  and MENTORS into your life.  Sometimes they are clearly marked as a teacher.  An example of this is Jesus.  Other times your teacher may be disguised as your child, spouse or coworker.  The teacher will always bring opportunities for self discovery.
  • The Universe will help you MANIFEST your SOUL GROUP.  These are the people in your life that you feel most aligned with when you are healthy and vibrant.  The key is when you are truly listening, the soul group will find you.
  • SYNCHRONICITIES are those magical moments the Universe is saying, “ you are exactly where you should be.”  You have mastered the art of listening.
  • You are EXPERIENCING EASE in your life.  It is as if a miracle occurred.  No blocks are in sight.  You feel supported in life.  This is an indication to move forward on your life plans.
  • There is always guidance camouflaged by LIFE CHANGES. This is what brings transformation.   If the message is not clear, go inward and ask the Universe for clarity.  The easiest way to receive clear messages is a consistent meditation practice.
  • As you gain experience in manifesting with the guidance of the Universe, you will have genuinely good things to CELEBRATE.  You will be rewarded and guided by MANIFESTATIONS and MIRACLES.  Take time to share gratitude for the guidance that has brought you to a place worthy of celebration.

When I look at how my life has transformed over the last decade, I’m almost unrecognizable. The truth of the matter is, I had to pause.  It was then that I connected so deeply with the Universe that I experienced every possible way of guidance.  I experienced blocks, letting go, new friends, teachers, miracles and manifestations.  What I am most grateful for is finding my path and true calling.  I could not have done it alone.

If you are ready to find your true calling or life purpose, contact me at pollywirum.com.  We can explore and see if intuitive classes, spiritual life coaching or a psychic reading will help you discover your greatest self.

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Channeled Message

We are guided to completely let go of expectations.  This frees us of patterns and blocks that have resided in the futile attempt to control life.  In the exhale we unwind and merge with an experience that holds passion, truth and all that is.

Faith in creation allows our heart to experience a healing. This is where our mind, body and soul come together and work in unison.  This can only be accomplished with trust in the guidance we receive.

This is not an abandonment of self.

When we merge with the Universal energies we are guided to our highest self.  What we lose is the notion that there is something to be feared or to be controlled.

The gift of this life is in the free flow of awareness, love and light.

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