Monthly Archives: October 2018

The Power in our Connections

​In July our son declared he wanted to switch to a different swim team. Ultimately, he was seeking a new type of connection with a swim coach. Our family had been affiliated with his team for six years. This decision would certainly have impact on our everyday life! Finn is 12 years old. He is learning about the power of intentions, connections and meditations. Our family values these practices. As a parent I am showing him how to blend our habits from home […]

Connect with Max & Polly

Connect with Intuitives & Teachers Max Ryan & Polly Wirum each week as they help you: Connect with your True Self. Connect with your Calling.Connect with your Peace. As they tap into the Universal field to Connect with Spirit, Your Loved ones and Source. Each week Max & Polly will focus on a specific connection principle and then take your calls LIVE to coach you and connect with Spirit to help you live your best life.

Call in 516-531-9809 10:00 am PST Thursday morning!