Monthly Archives: November 2018

How to Celebrate with Peace

​My son and I touched down in Anchorage at 3:30 in the morning. I was relieved to see the streets clear of snow; it was an easy drive home. I was looking forward to the feeling of being settled. At home, I lit some candles, exhaled and experienced peace.   The last few days I had noticed some feelings of stress. The holiday season had arrived. Thanksgiving was just a few days away. I could also feel the pressure of every day matters. I had emails, […]

Energy of the Week: November 18, 2018

Welcome to the energy of the week for 11-18-18 This week is highlighting our ability to choose Peace, Unity, Joy and Beauty. We will have the opportunity to see life from different perspectives this week. Imagine sitting on a different side of a table or really getting to understand what other people’s experiences are in day […]

Energy of the Week: November 11, 2018

Welcome to the beautiful and transforming energy of the week for 11-11-18  🙂 You are being invited to explore and expand all possibilities of your vastness… beyond all limitations. This week you can be like the ocean and the waves fluid, steady… recognizing the water waves felt the pull of the shore line long before the moment […]

Grief and Joy

​Last December my family and I spent a week or so, in Arizona. We were looking at someday, possibly buying a house for the Winter months. Seeking the sun and dirt trails, we explored both Sedona and Phoenix. My husband loves Sedona’s seasons and red rocks. I felt pulled by the warmth of the Phoenix area. Searching for hiking near our hotel in Scottsdale, we discovered a little trail head. Walking up the dirt path I heard dogs barking and wondered […]