Monthly Archives: December 2018

The Power in the New Year

A plow was loudly pushing the snow from our drive way. I waited in the softly lit hallway with the dogs. I had just finished my morning meditation and was not prepared for the noise of the blade bumping and scraping on the driveway or the loud engine running. As the truck pulled away I let the […]

Experiencing Protection

​I stepped into the shower, noticing a glass bottle of vinegar that someone had used on their hair. Once again I made a mental note to not leave glass in our stone shower.   While enjoying the warm water I was thinking about my day. I put conditioner on my hair enjoying the luscious smell. An ominous sound entered my awareness. I then began to feel the shower move underneath my feet. We were experiencing an earthquake, a big earthquake. & […]

Energy of the Week: December 2, 2018

Welcome to the enchanting energy of the week for Dec. 2, 2018 This week we have the possibility to completely rewrite and renew our thinking and relationships… An abundance of new energy has been released by our Earth… There is the enchanting almost seductive pull to fall into the same old patterns and beliefs. We have […]