Monthly Archives: February 2019

Vibrational Rebirth

Vibrational Rebirth Life conditions are near perfect today. The sun is radiating bright in the sky and promising Spring. I enjoyed a walk in nine degree temperatures with a friend and her dog. We explored the fun idea of how our loved ones help us from the other side. Both of us shared interesting examples […]

Energy of the Week: February 24th, 2019

Welcome to the week of new wealth and abundance .. 2/24/19 Imagine this week you have the strength and inspiration to extend yourself even farther into a land of unlimited possibilities.. you stay steady and focused as you begin to see new opportunities and new forms of wealth. Your arms are like baskets receiving the […]

The Elements of Kindness

I have been blessed with many moments of kindness by complete strangers. Most of them simple, but they stay with me. I often reflect on them, and hope that I have also shared kindness with those unknown to me. Roughly thirty years ago I was working in a bicycle shop in Sacramento, California. I loved […]