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The Paradise Inn is set to be torn down. But first, a medium came in to ease the troubled hotel’s bad vibes.

Cindy Berger lights a candle for her friend Julie Wrigley before the group, led by medium Polly Wirum, walked through the former Paradise Inn Friday, May 17, 2019 to “clear stagnant energy and bring in free-flowing energy.” Berger recently purchased the now-derelict building and plans to turn the land into a parking lot, but after […]

Healing Ghosts

Healing Ghosts   I received a call from a commercial property owner in Anchorage, Alaska. She had recently acquired a defunct hotel that is adjacent to one of her buildings. The two structures are separated only by a barrier wall. This dynamic woman has been instrumental in helping refine and clean up a particular street […]

Our Personal Wellness Is Reflected In Our World

Our Personal Wellness Is Reflected In Our World In the past week I have shared many conversations with people who are seeking advice on how to live life with peace and wellness.  Too many people are experiencing anxiety, chronic illness and general poor health. A couple days ago I met with one of my clients. […]