8 Steps to Unwrapping the Gift of Your Expansive Self

Dec 20, 2023 | Growth, High Vibrational Life, Spiritual Growth, Transformation

8 Steps to Unwrapping the Gift of Your Expansive Self

All of us change, grow, and evolve over the course of our incredible and sometimes crazy life journey. A couple of these transformations are well planned and carefully executed. Other changes are the byproduct of our life choices and habits. This blog is written for those of you that want to unwrap and experience the most expansive and high vibrational life yet.

Throughout our human experience our bodies and minds and spirit will seek and call for different things. This is inevitable. In fact, if you close your eyes and connect to the Universal energy, you might even feel a tug or pull to do something different, not quite so Earthbound.

As I write this, we are quickly approaching the new year. This is often a time when people are ready to let things go. Often the goal is releasing a heaviness in your mind or body and walking away from bad choices.

For me personally life has been opening up both internally and externally for over 12 months. A year ago, I was getting ready for a huge remodel and needed to find a place to live for three months. I also had big changes going on in some of my relationships. Personally 2023 was a walloping year of seismic shifts, but overall, very good changes.

The greatest change has taken place, I am enjoying the aftershocks now.

I am getting ready to sell the house that was remodeled. I am moving to an Arizona mountain town with trails, cooler temps, and higher elevation. I am already breathing deeper. I know the process of selling my home will be surrounded by some potentially stressful days and tasks, but lots of opportunities.

You cannot make a big change in your world, without causing a shift in other parts of your life, so you might as well choose a path that feels good. The following steps are everything you need to reveal the gift of your expansive life.

What It Takes Unwrapping Your Gift of Self-Awareness

Bravery is needed in every intentional life change. Truthfully courage is almost always needed to make the choices that are best for you. You must choose what you want and bravely walk the path that leads you there. At first it might be scary, but the farther and deeper you commit, the more at home it feels. Soon, the journey is not scary at all.

Faith is always needed. We do not always have a clear plan and truly must lean into our faith. Take the first step and one day the path will greet you. Eventually you will easily and intuitively know your way.

Vulnerability is a huge part of living a healthy life. Living a life that allows you to easily receive, will help you stay in the wave of high vibrational shifts and experiences.

Compassion for self and others is needed in your transformation. You must lovingly care for yourself, but also recognize that others are experiencing challenges as well.

Awareness of your strengths and the areas that are calling for love will surely bring some beautiful things in your life.

Action steps are always going to be required. Remember doing anything different then what you have been doing, will bring different results.

Choose again if needed. There are times when we need to choose a different course or take a break. This is all good and normal. Most things are not 100% predictable in a linear fashion.

Enjoy the process and celebrate how far you have come. Every step you take requires you to believe in yourself. That is not a small thing!

Another Way of Viewing Your Metamorphosis

Think about a time that you had a wound that required a bandage, this could have been a slight break in the skin or something more significant like a surgical procedure. You probably kept the protective covering on for a couple hours or even days. Eventually it becomes uncomfortable and you might begin to wonder what is beneath the bandage.

The bigger the wound the more trepidation you might have on pulling the band aid off. After all, it might hurt. Some of the protective skin, or scabs might be ripped off in the process. You will decide if it is one swift action or tiny little baby steps when removing what has been covering the wound.

Now that the bandage is off, light and movement will bring change to the wound’s appearance.

Certainly, our body is amazing in the way it can heal. Our mind, and heart also have wounds and protective layers in place.

Pulling off the bandage of an emotional wound, might be going to therapy. This can help you see how you have been protecting yourself.

As the light and attention begins to release the scab of your body, mind, or spirit, there is fresh healthy protective growth underneath the shell. This new growth is strong and healthy.

Many of us have had traumas and wounds that have left scars on our bodies, mind, and heart.  Over time the scars begin to fade and you can only see the indication of a painful story, if you choose to.

Our mind, body, and spirit all heal and transform in the same way. It takes awareness, intention, and willpower to muster up the courage to pull the band aid off and see what you are dealing with.

It takes action, vulnerability, and compassion to stick with the healing and transformation, even when the shell is ugly and painful.

You must take loving care for yourself and have faith in the process.

Sometimes it takes longer than expected and the bandage needs to be reapplied, that is ok. The healing has begun. You are aware.

Through our personal evolution we need to celebrate where we are. There is always going to be something that we are in the process of healing, that is part of our human experience.

Some wounds are deeper and promise a greater shift in your awareness, but they are all good and helpful in our journey of understanding the link between mind, body, and spirit and all that is.

Take a minute to think about where your possible wound is. What is acting as your band aid? Are you ready to rip it off and potentially have a little ugliness? There will be healing and new growth in the form of a scar, but eventually that will fade away and you will just have the satisfaction of a job well done.

If you are ready to discover your highest vibrational and expansive self, reach out to me at Pollywirum.com. You can explore life coaching, getting a psychic reading or being a guest in a psychic development class. Wherever you are, celebrate how far you have come and think about what is calling to you.


Channeled Message

See yourself through the eyes of love. There is no judgment, only patience and forgiveness. See yourself with a compassion that lasts through eternity. See yourself in a way that offers no end to your discovery of self. You my friend are limitless in your power, love, and ability to be.

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