A Helpful Understanding of The Energetic Connection Between the Joints in Your Body and The Relationships in Your Life

Feb 28, 2024 | Body, Energy, Relationships, Wellness

A Helpful Understanding of The Energetic Connection Between the Joints in Your Body and The Relationships in Your Life

Most of us have considered how emotional and mental stress can tax our physical body and jeopardize our overall wellness. This blog shares a perspective on the connection between our joint health and the vitality of our relationships. We will explore how they articulate and work together; bringing ease and grace or possibly sharing pain and discomfort between our mind and body. Keep reading and discover how we can improve our joint health and relationships with the same intentional practices.

My Story

A very long time ago, I fractured my left clavicle in a mountain bike race. The pieces of my bone did not return to an easy fit. This is not a problem unless I am back packing or trying to sleep on my left side.

Lately I have noticed my left shoulder hurting. It even seems to have pulled forward a little. Sometimes I think it is my body’s way of creating a little shelter of protection for my heart. I know that might sound a little dramatic, but our bodies respond in amazing ways to what our heart and mind are feeling.

I am practicing more stretching for my entire body and sending my heart and shoulder love.

What is a Joint

In the simplest terms, a joint allows two or more bones to work together to move the human body. Think of any skeletal movement in your body, and you will find at least one joint involved in the activity. It is essentially the place where bones join together with a purpose of allowing change.

When I think of a body being aligned, it reminds me of how dolphins swim seemingly effortlessly through the water. They have great momentum, strength, and grace; these are the qualities of physical alignment.

What is a Relationship

A relationship is the connection between two or more people, places, or things. This joining together offers the potential of shifting energies between all parties involved. We have relationships with everything in our world including ourselves.

When our relationships are aligned with love and high vibrational energy, there is a beautiful symbiotic exchange of energies. This is beneficial for all parties involved.

Think about a loving relationship you are experiencing. There are often twists and turns along the way, but our lives are enhanced by this person or experience. The potential for self-awareness is definitely one of the benefits of all relationships.

A Different Perspective

Just as our physical body has a space where two body parts meet, our life has an invisible energetic juncture between all relationships. This can be filled with easy, flowing energy, or difficult, painful, low vibrational energy.

We get to choose what we align ourselves with and how it feels.


We have different types of joints in our body. Some like our shoulders and hips, allow big backward, forward, sideways, and rotating movements. Our fingers and toes provide little bending motions, and our wrists and ankles offer lots of different movements. Think about our neck that allows us to look in many different directions and even communicate by moving up and down. Even our spine has joints that provide us amazing flexibility.

The motions that joints allow in our body are key to where energy can get stuck. For example, if you are emotionally done moving in a perpetual forward motion, your knees may begin bothering you. This might be a sign to rest and ponder a different life path.

Functions of Different Joints

The joints in our fingers help us pick up all the nuances in a relationship. This is where the connections come together, think of walking hand in hand. This can be work, family or a romantic relationship. If you are suffering discomfort in your fingers, do a quick check and see what relationships are suffering in the area of connection.

Our wrists allow us to rotate our hands in a way that allows us to receive. Our wrists also help us to show gratitude with prayer hands. If you are experiencing discomfort in your wrists check in and assess your gratitude and ability to receive in your relationships.

Our elbows are a powerhouse of cutting through the distractions of life or untruths in relationships. If your elbows are bothering you, examine all your relationships and see where you need to stand up for yourself and get the answers you want.

Our necks can hold energy of where you gave your power away by saying yes, to something you did not want to. They are also a reminder to look at all sides of your relationships.

Our shoulders often take on the responsibility of supporting others; but another beautiful aspect of our shoulders is helping us reach up to higher vibrational plains. If you are suffering from shoulder pain, check and see if you carry too much responsibility in a relationship. Also notice if it is time for you to have a major transformation into higher vibrational living.

Our spine keeps us aligned with our purpose and best life. If you are experiencing discomfort, notice what you are aligned with in your relationships. Perhaps some of your relationships are taking you off your best path.

Our hips can hold a lot of energy. If you are suffering from hip pain, notice if there is any trauma or unresolved grief or anger in past relationships.

Knees offer forward movement. If this is uncomfortable, notice if there is anything in your life that you no longer want to be part of. Take a breather and maybe there is another way of moving forward.

Ankles are a powerful opportunity for changing directions. If your ankles are aching, notice if you are uncomfortable changing direction in any of your relationships.

Our toe joints are powerful in helping us stay balanced in all the little areas in our life. If your toes are achy, what relationship has gotten out of balance?

The physical joints in our body may have a medical diagnosis, but there is also an energetic cause of the discomfort. I encourage you to have fun exploring how best to care for your body and relationships on an energetic level.

How to Shift the Energy

Drinking water, eating healthy food, and receiving full body massages can help keep your joints moving.

Yoga and Pilates are great ways to keep your physical joints flexible and strong. This can be as gentle as chair yoga, or as difficult at heated yoga with weights. You get to choose what feels good to your body.

Keeping our emotional and spiritual joints healthy can be done with a few mindful practices. First determine if there are any relationships that need to be retired. Next determine what relationships need a little more ease and grace. Imagine the space between you and the other party, expanding and filling with healing light. Visualize being able to smooth away the rough edges and see how all the moving parts are clean and uncomplicated. Practice this imagery every day, followed by gratitude for all the support and love in your life.

If you are suffering from serious joint pain or emotional wellness issues, please reach out to a professional and receive the loving care you deserve. The holistic approach of using traditional and nontraditional modalities is a beautiful way to thrive:)

If you are interested in experiencing a deep dive into self-awareness and self-love, consider attending my April retreat in Sedona, Arizona. I have one spot left. You can also discover more about how you move through life and the energy around you in one of my psychic development classes. To discover more about either one of these opportunities reach out to me at Pollywirum.com.

Channeled Message

Often when we are seeking answers or solutions to a difficult scenario, the Universe responds with an opportunity for you to heal from a past experience.

The healing occurs as you quiet the mind, let go of controlling the unknown, and allow things to settle into place. It might feel like you are in limbo and waiting for something to show up; breathe and observe.

As this energetic space is created, fresh energy is able shift the old patterns and ways of being. The answers will come in a completely unexpected form, and possibly you will have transformed in a way that you no longer are impacted by your past.

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