Polly Wirum

Intuitive, Life Coach and Author

Polly Wirum is an intuitive, life coach and writer. She helps people connect to the energy of peace. This can be done in an intuitive reading, life coaching or live channeling sessions. She also offers channeling messages in her biweekly blog. These messages carry the vibration of peace.

When you work with Polly she connects to your energy. She feels, sees and hears messages for you. Sometimes your loved ones come through. Every reading is unique as the individual receiving the messages.

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Polly Wirum

My Story

I appreciated the metaphysical world, long before spirituality became a big part of my world. There are many pieces to the story of how I developed my ability to connect to the unseen. I will share the part of where my life seemingly changed overnight.

Around 2010, my husband and I were raising three children in Alaska. My husband ran a demanding business. I cared for the children, home and volunteered. We all took part in at least one sport. My husband and I loved to run. Each year we would pick one or two long distance races to train for. That was our get away. Train hard, travel out of state and run a race. It was super fun. I loved the long runs (20 miles) running, talking and laughing with friends.

After several years of a stressful schedule, both physically and emotionally, I began to feel tired. Then I began to feel really tired.. I didn’t seek medical advice until my running became much slower. About that time, I was getting other symptoms besides exhaustion. My heart rate was very elevated and I frequently felt like I was passing out.

It took about a year, and traveling out of state, to get a diagnosis. My recovery was resting in bed. I was no longer physically able to run. Some days I didn’t drive. This resting became meditation. I began experiencing a meditative state for hours every-day. It was in this time that my physical, spiritual and emotional self completely changed.

What first appeared in my life as a scary and crushing blow to my wellbeing; transitioned into a beautiful experience. I learned how to be present and connect to the universe. My ability to channel messages was the initial change. I also began to feel, see and hear energies. My world expanded overnight.

I am committed to helping others connect to compassion, peace and our universal potential. I do this with my intuitive readings, coaching and channeling sessions


Gateways 2 Peace

In Gateways 2 Peace, Polly Wirum offers a collection of essays that help bring spiritual awareness into everyday life. She shares personal stories, insights, as well as channeled messages that remind us of our universal connection. You will receive helpful guidance, as well as mystical insights, within her writing. Gateways 2 peace helps you can connect with personal peace and wisdom. Click on the button below to buy now!

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