Balancing Elemental Energies

Mar 4, 2020 | What The Universe Is Trying To Tell You

Balancing Elemental Energies

My husband graciously surprised me with a spa day.  I love massages and facials and all the good smells and just being taken care of. This is my love language!  One of the skincare providers asked if we were completely settled in our new life.   She wondered if we had our favorite stores, doctors and dentists.

This caused me to pause. We have been here for seven months and we are beginning to feel settled.  We have Whole Foods, a dentist, trails, but we don’t have a doctor.  I shared that my health plan or wellness plan is focused on prevention and self-care, like massages and hikes.  This left her at a loss for words.  She reminded me that a large part of our society is caught up in traditional health care and that requires a physician (or multiple physicians) to be a very big part of your life.  I’m thankful for modern medicine, but it is just a small piece in the big picture of wellness.

My approach is the balance of elements.  Many ancient spiritual belief systems, like Ayurveda and Astrology, honor the elements of Earth, air, fire, and water.  Earlier civilizations used a wellness plan of balancing elements, and only when needed, a healer would become involved.  The healer would also use the elements as part of their practice.  This is what feels good and true to me.  This mindset allows every individual to take control of their wellness.

We are collectors of elemental energies. Our lifestyles, where we live, our activities and what we eat, bring in all of these elements.  A healthy balance of each element is needed for optimal wellness.  When our body or mind begins getting heavy, or overloaded in one area, symptoms of imbalance or disease will show up.

A classic example in our busy society is too much fire.   Think of the person that is working over 40 hours a week, caring for a family and home.

The job is filled with stress and possibly there are even flared tempers.    It is easy to see how this can lead to literal burn out.  The answer to balance is bringing in more earth, calm, steady, slow energy of Earth.  This can be easily achieved by spending time in nature, sitting on the ground.

Animals, like gentle horses and dogs, are good in their ability to pull you back and slow you down.  Meditating on the floor, gardening, anything, where you are playing with the Earth, will help with burn out.  Cooldown by spending time in or near water.   Pause and listen to what your body and mind need.

Earth foods, whole grains, root vegetables, and dark leafy vegetables.  Many foods and activities will be found overlapping in the elements.

Think about the person that has limited meaningful conversation.  Maybe they play video games, use their phone, and social media for large amounts of the day.  This can lead to an air imbalance, out of control thoughts, and lacking connection to something solid.  Bringing in Earth and fire and a little water would be great!   This person needs to move (fire) to do something with the Earth and bring in the water element.  A very easy way to bring in water is connecting on an emotional, heartfelt level with other people.  This can be done easily by volunteering somewhere.  You can even volunteer at an animal shelter and enjoy the feel-good watery emotions.

What about the person that is drowning in emotions all the time.  They take on friends, family and coworker’s baggage and don’t know who they are anymore. That is a lot of water.  Get outside, hike, and meditate.  The meditation is key because you will begin to recognize what you feel like and let go of what is not yours.  Feel the sun on your skin, get a massage, and eat all the colorful fruits and vegetables that have been in the sun.

A person that lives a very slow-moving, sedentary lifestyle has a lot of Earth energy.  When you lack movement, your ability to experience easily flowing energy decreases. This is an easy fix, move, be creative, listen to music, eat lots of fruits and vegetables and drink water.  This brings in all the elements.

These are oversimplified examples, but they are very real examples of lifestyles in our society.

It is easy to see how chronic illness and autoimmune disease comes into our life without balance.

Your wellness is worth making changes in your life, and it is never too late to commit to balancing your energetic makeup. Intuitively each of us knows what we need for good health. We also know what needs to be released.

In addition to water, earth, air, and fire, light needs to be in your life.  This comes in the form of being in the sun, eating fruits, vegetables, whole grains, laughter, loving relationships and most importantly spiritual awareness.  Light in your life means you recognize and cultivate your connection to a higher power.

My journey in this life has gifted me with opportunities to seek balance and wellness after my health greatly suffered.   I eventually moved to a different climate and state for my health.  This was not prescribed by a doctor, but by my intuitive knowing what I needed to thrive.

Here is an easy guide to determine the balance in your life.  Make sure that you have moments in every day that fit these words:

Calm, curious, gratitude, meditation, creative, courageous, movement, disciplined, listening, community, sharing, receiving, compassionate, restorative, fruits, whole grains, vegetables, nature.

This quick guide brings in the energy of all the elements.  Even if it’s two minutes a day that you explore your creative side, and another two minutes of meditation or gratitude; your life will begin to feel better.

There is a great deal of information available on how to use foods, music, crystals, yoga, and meditations that are designed to help balance our bodies and minds.  Most importantly; enjoy your wellness journey!

Channeled Message

You are here to become the version of self that can slip away unnoticed; only to reappear as a greater field of energy.  You bring back the stars, wind, and cosmic fire to Earth. You shift in and out of lives. Each time you reappear you share an awareness of love, light and all that is…  We work through you.  The wisdom that is finely cultivated with each moment of graciousness, spreads through the stars and is shared by all that listen to their hearts.

Your ability to reach into what some call the unknown is endless.  Our presence is always with you guiding you deeper into the place of inspiration, the place thoughts become filled with life.   We ask you to see yourself as having no limits and no expiration date. Breathe in deeply and experience the next level of your awareness.

Allow the deep exhale to expose and release the fear and pain that has been hiding inside.

You are whole.

End of Channeled Message

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