Resources for an Inspired Life

Resources for an Inspired Life Our world is created by a continuous flow of dynamic energy. We are constantly sharing, receiving, and evolving in spirit, including our bodies and minds. This concept once was considered new thought, and now it’s widely recognized. Ask yourself, are you enjoying the flow of new energy, or struggling with […]

Energy of the Week May 10, 2020

Energy of the Week May 10, 2020 Imagine your happiness when your door opens, and all you can see is opportunities. You stand in the doorway, with a table of nourishment behind you. The sun is kissing your skin, and your gaze rests on the endless blue sky. There are orchards with fruit trees that […]

Cosmic Mix

Cosmic Mix An interesting scene unfolded before me. Two women deep in conversation walked down the street. One was dragging a much-used suitcase, and both were drinking from sparkling champagne flutes. They acted as if it was an everyday outing. It was the combination of crystal glassware and a battered suitcase that caught my attention. […]

Energy of the Week April 26, 2020

Energy of the Week April 26, 2020 Imagine you are on a train slowly pulling away from a station. This station was not a physical place. It was more of a lifestyle than something tangible. Looking out the window you see it is raining and foggy. The environmental conditions are making it difficult to see […]