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Can a psychic accurately predict the outcome of the 2020 Election?

Can a psychic accurately predict the outcome of the 2020 Election? Election years are supercharged with the energy of transformation and 2020 is no exception. Conspiracy theories, sensationalized news, and untruths are potentially influencing the outcome of a very important presidential race. With everything going on, is it possible for a psychic to cut through […]

How to Manifest with Magic of the Moon

How to Manifest with Magic of the Moon One evening after dinner, I was half-listening to a conversation between my husband and one of our daughters. They had been discussing her higher education and long term goals. Chloe happily responded to a question about her life after college, “I don’t know, I am still manifesting.”  […]

Letting Go of the Struggle

Letting Go of the Struggle Several times when hiking very early, I have heard drumming at sunrise. The powerful sounds shifted over the desert floor in a beautiful and mystical way. The rhythm always found my heart. I could feel traditions and rituals that respect the earth and all that is. These moments became sacred […]

How To Demystify Evil

How To Demystify Evil Most of us are familiar with the term evil; but have you ever wondered what evil really is? Does evil have a mind of its own? Can it take over a person’s world? Is evil the opposite of God? Is an evil part of an unavoidable karmic experience? Is each of […]

Creating a Legacy of Peace

Creating a Legacy of Peace Just when it looked like life might hold some semblance of normalcy, news of murder and powerful protests are being flashed around. Anger and grief have given us an opportunity to reconsider our life choices. We could say this is a time like no other, but that is not completely […]

Resources for an Inspired Life

Resources for an Inspired Life Our world is created by a continuous flow of dynamic energy. We are constantly sharing, receiving, and evolving in spirit, including our bodies and minds. This concept once was considered new thought, and now it’s widely recognized. Ask yourself, are you enjoying the flow of new energy, or struggling with […]

Cosmic Mix

Cosmic Mix An interesting scene unfolded before me. Two women deep in conversation walked down the street. One was dragging a much-used suitcase, and both were drinking from sparkling champagne flutes. They acted as if it was an everyday outing. It was the combination of crystal glassware and a battered suitcase that caught my attention. […]

Balancing Elemental Energies

Balancing Elemental Energies My husband graciously surprised me with a spa day.  I love massages and facials and all the good smells and just being taken care of. This is my love language!  One of the skincare providers asked if we were completely settled in our new life.   She wondered if we had our favorite […]