Discover Earth’s Alchemy and a Magical Way Of Being

May 8, 2024 | Energy, High Vibrational Life, Spiritual Growth

Discover Earth’s Alchemy and a Magical Way Of Being

There are a million ways of moving through this world. Some people are street smart, others are book smart, others are still searching for their way of being. However you are moving through life, keep reading and discover the magic and energy of alchemy that radiates from our Earth.

A couple years ago when hiking with one of my daughters near phoenix, the sky was dark with smoke. We learned it was from a forest fire burning out of control in Flagstaff Arizona. Coincidentally my new home is very near where that particular fire raged. I now hike in areas where some trees have turned to ashes and others stand with the branding of fire.

I am struck by the similarity of my life and the land my new home is near. I haven’t suffered damage from a fire, but the landscape of my mind and life has completely changed. What wasn’t serving me is being transformed into new possibilities.

In comparison to the healing energy of the low Arizona desert, this new land holds the power of magic. I reclaimed my physical strength and self worth in the low desert. Now I will learn to work with the very powerful and mystical earthly energies of alchemy. I easily see the magic through my windows.

I am called to explore the trails with a new awareness. In biblical times it might be compared to turning water into wine. What some might see, simply as a tree growing in the ashes; I hear stories of survival and a connection beyond time and space.

The Energy Surrounding Me

I see the elk moving through my backyard radiating energy of incredible power. They demonstrate graceful strength. I love their awareness that promises the ability to shift in a moment’s notice.

The deer grazing near my porch share a surefooted gentleness. They move through life with ease, grace and a very intuitive way of being. I’m leaning into this.

The hummingbird that dipped in one morning; shared love, joy and good fortune.

The jack rabbits that are active as the sun rises and sets, remind me of abundance, resourcefulness and speed. They have always been a catalyst for my creativity.

As the squirrels run around gathering their food, I am reminded of my abundance and ability to balance the awareness of now and the future.

The frequent sightings of woodpeckers remind me of the connection between my soul and the grounded energy of Earth.

I love the shiny black feathers of the ravens who visit. They dance with energies on both sides of the veil and promise joy with plenty of cosmic experiences.

The Ponderosa pines share the energy of flexibility as they bend with the wind. Their glow of resilience is reflected in the ashes and dirt.

The rocks are smaller here. I’m sure this indicates life’s challenges are becoming easier to navigate.

I am embracing and wanting to learn all the ways within this new energy. There is nothing separating me from a new understanding of creation and life.

For many lives, I have been calling for this energy of renewal.

What Does Your World Like?

If you are seeking more magic in your life, reach out to the Earth and notice what she is offering you. This connection might be found in prayer, meditation or simply being in nature.

What elements are around your home? For example, are you surrounded by water, or land? Do you find yourself drawn to a particular element?

What animals are in your neighborhood and native to your region? What is unique about their energy and how can you embrace this?

What are the geological formations near you? Do you have tall mountains framing your town? Do they keep you safe, or are they reminding you of obstacles that need to be overcome?

What plant medicine is vibrant in your local area? Do they have specific healing properties?

As your connection grows, lean into the powerful energy that surrounds you and let the magic begin.

Wrapping It Up

I am excited to share the sacred energy that has reached out to me. The sleeping volcanoes and dirt hold each of us steady as our consciousness continues to expand. The water and wind help us let go of everything holding us back from our highest way of being. Collectively we are the sky, cradling the sun and moon while we weave stories through the stars.

If you are seeking more magical ways of being, contact me at We can explore the energy you’re working with in a psychic reading. Possibly, you are ready to be guided on a higher vibrational life path with spiritual mentoring. Wherever you are today, close your eyes, breathe in deeply and offer thanks to the goodness of our world.

Channeled Message

You are the sun, moon and stars.

And also the Earth.

You are the light and creation. 

Have you forgotten how your breath becomes wind and your thoughts create form? 

Collectively our energies shift, until we all remember.

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