Discover the Art of Receiving and Improve All Your Relationships

Nov 10, 2021 | Bi-Weekly Blog

Discover the Art of Receiving and Improve All Your Relationships

There is one sacred ingredient in all great relationships; it transforms connections into a spiritual journey. Keep reading, and discover the art of receiving and watch everything improve, including the relationship you have with yourself.

What is Receiving?

What exactly is receiving? I’m referencing the ability to be vulnerable and truly receive love or even care from another. This open-heart experience cannot happen without being fully aware of the moment and fully connected with the other person’s heart energy. This in itself is rare. Frequently we are multi-tasking and not connected to the moment, or even the person.

Have you ever been meditating and experienced such a feeling of love, you cried? Have you ever viewed something in nature and experienced a rush of emotion? In those moments you were receiving Universal love flowing to and through you. Often it is easier to open up and be vulnerable when other people are not involved.

Our life is not going to be 100 percent overwhelming emotions, but we can enjoy a steady flow of love, joy and meaningful relationships.

Self-love First and Foremost.

One of the most important elements needed to create a life that helps you deeply connect and receive, is self-love. Think of self-love as being a landing strip where other forms of love can connect. The more we truly love ourselves, the easier it is to receive love.

Is it time for you to release the protective walls around your heart, welcome vulnerability, and see yourself with loving eyes?

Are You Open To Receiving Love?

Here are five questions that can help you decide if you need to work on the art of receiving.

Is it easy for you to accept compliments?

If you answered no, it might be time to work on your receiving.

Is it easy for you to trust another?

If you can’t trust, you are not going to be living with an open and receiving heart.

Are you prone to controlling others?

If you are busy controlling, you are not allowing and receiving.

Is it easy for you to ask for help?

Asking for help is a sign of vulnerability and trust. Both of these are needed in a deep, loving relationship.

What do you expect from life?

If you expect good things to flow your way, you are open to receiving. If you anticipate the worst, you are not living with an open, trusting heart.

Eight ways to increase your trust, vulnerability and ability to receive:

  1. Laughter is a great way to break energy blocks in our body, especially around your heart. I have always believed those moments of pause in deep laughter, just before inhaling, our mind is clear, our hearts are open and we are deeply connected to God.
  2. Nature holds the energy of all that is. It can become easier to breathe, your thoughts slow down and you connect to the moment. The more you enjoy nature, the easier it will be to receive.
  3. Animal friends offer unconditional love. When we are surrounded by the energy of our trusting, loving companions, healing is often occurring. With our pets It is easy to feel safe and receive love.
  4. Children offer the energy of laughter and unconditional love. Enjoying the energy of playful children can help lift your vibration. These moments are full of spontaneity and exploration. Let them show you how to trust the world.
  5. Connecting with the energy of gratitude will open up your heart and make it easier to connect with others. Life gets easier when you have something to smile on.
  6. Genuine acts of kindness derived from compassion help you open your heart to the world, thus helping you receive love.
  7. Listen; really listening in a heartfelt conversation will help connect you to the moment and the other person. Add laughter, gratitude or nature with this and you will experience an even deeper connection.
  8. Life coaching or counselling can help you release your fears and learn to trust the world. You can also discover practices that will increase yourself love and connection to all that is.

Receiving and Sharing in Unison

Uninhibited Receiving is allowing love to easily flow into you; free of fear and distractions. Giving or offering, with an open heart, free of expectations is also part of love flowing. This experience can be the beginning of a spiritual journey where minds merge and hearts expand. It is unclear where one begins and one ends. This is the sacred place where we connect with source energy found within ourselves, our relationships and all that is.

If you are ready to deepen your ability to receive love, contact me at for an intuitive reading, spiritual coaching or join me on one of my immersive retreats.


Channeled Message

The very tender moment of heart energy discovering the love of another is just the beginning of your true abilities to seek and be love. Your vibrational abilities to rise and merge with the light of God are absolute. Trust you are being guided in such a way to discover your truth and the sacred light within.

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