Discover What Your Steady Vibrational State Is and How It Guides You

Aug 2, 2023 | Energy, High Vibrational Life, Spiritual Growth, Spirituality

Discover What Your Steady Vibrational State Is and How It Guides You

We hear about vibrational energy and how it impacts people all the time. I have even written about it in the past; because having a clear understanding of vibrational energy will change your world. This blog is written for everybody that wants a fool proof understanding of how energy can affect them, both positively and negatively.

In my work as a psychic and life coach I have developed an understanding of vibrational energy. I think about it all the time, because I consciously work with energy every day. Whether I’m tuning into the universal energy at large, or simply tuning into a client’s energy, my attention is focused on our potential, our feelings and transformation. With that being said, my understanding of energy expands and changes, as my awareness shifts with life experiences.

We can all rattle off people we feel good around, and those we don’t. Some of us are really good about honoring our sixth sense, others not so much. This prompted me to come up with a very basic understanding of how energetic vibrations affect us.

Steady State of Energy

One of my favorite tools for awareness is to determine what my steady vibrational state is. My energy shifts a little, day to day, in relation to my self-care and stress level. Even with the variables in my life, I can say, my steady state, or the energy at my core, is peaceful, compassionate, and curious. Whatever is going on in my life, subconsciously, I will try to get back to my steady state.

What is your steady state? In the quiet times of the day, are you calm and peaceful or are you always seeking distractions?

If you are not happy with your steady state, notice your thoughts and who you spend time with. Where do you feel best?

Another tip for transformation is using a mantra to shift your steady state. Try repeating the mantras below. You can substitute whatever word you want for your steady state.

My steady state is peace and love.

My steady state sees beauty and feels joy.

Try using other words like abundance, trusting, kind, and compassionate for the word’s peace and love. Have fun with this and change the words whenever you are ready for a shift.

On a side note; each of our truest nature is love expressed in inspired form. One way to look at this, is your truest nature is the part of you holding the inspiration or light of God. Your steady state is where your free will is created with your truest nature.

Your Steady State Merging with Other Vibrations

Imagine having a conversation with a person that moves and speaks slower than you. Most of us will shift our speech and activity to keep the conversation flowing. There is a matching of communication and vibrational energy. We often do this without even thinking about it. We try to find a match with other people’s vibrational frequency. Sometimes there is not enough of a match or connection and we quickly move on.

Now briefly think of a time when you were having a conversation with a person that was struggling emotionally. Most likely you were aware that something was off; but part of you attempted to make a frequency connection. You adjusted your words and cadence to communicate with this person. This shift, conscious or unconscious, can be exhausting.

It is not sustainable to maintain vibrational exchange with someone or something that is far from your steady state. Either your energetic makeup begins to shift towards their frequency or they shift their energy towards your frequency. If neither of these transformations occur it will be uncomfortable until you part ways.

It is important to remember we are all a mix of vibrational frequencies. The most important frequency is our steady state, and this can change depending on how we live our life.

Different Vibrations and What They Do to You

People with slow or stuck vibrations usually don’t feel great to be around. They stay attached to a narrow belief system and their steady state is usually lower energy. This relationship is not sustainable unless you are willing to dive into a lower frequency and stay in place of dense energy. Luckily, the universe will try to break this connection, and keep you at a vibrational level similar to yours. With that being said, we have free will, lessons to learn and sometimes choose the lower frequency path.

People with chaotic and an easily distracted steady state will leave you feeling off balance and unorganized. You can only be around this for so long before you look for a way out. This can be a relationship, job, or other life experience. I don’t think any chaotic and distracted vibrational match is sustainable. The very nature of this energy is seeking something outside of yourself or the relationship.

What about unbalanced vibrational matches where one person always needs or wants more of the energy to shift their way? Unless both parties consciously change their energetic patterns and steady state, this relationship is unstable and not sustainable.

Harmonious vibrations feel in sync with all of you. You’re completely open to receiving and able to go with the flow of life. This is sustainable.

Restorative vibrations feel exactly like that, you dip in and get restored. These people or places might not be where you stay, because it is a place to rest. Think about going to a spa or visiting someone that makes you feel content and fully satisfied. It’s great, but not a match for all of your energy. Part of you will eventually be pulled towards an expanded version of self.

Merging with a Higher Vibrational energy will feel good. Each of our truest states is high vibrational energy, so you probably feel like you have come home to love and peace with a little inspiration mixed in.

With all the different types of energy we experience every day, the most important thing to remember is you get to choose. This means you can shift your steady state by staying in a relationship or career that is a vibrational match to your highest frequency.

Are you willing to slow down and stop your growth, or are you seeking people and experiences that will inspire you and raise your vibration and shift your steady state.

If you are interested in exploring and expanding your steady state, reach out to me at We can look at life coaching or a psychic reading to get you on a path that feels inspirational, expansive, and loving.



Channeled Message

Deep connections that draw us together include an awareness of our expanded self and pure potential.

Even if it was but a wisp of a moment that held true soul connection, the impact is radiated through eternity.

Our connection erases the concept of separation as we merge with all that is.

Many of us are connected in ways much deeper than our human mind can recognize; for this we can rejoice.


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