Divine Guidance

​Have you ever experienced those sweet moments where everything flows and you feel completely supported and guided by the universe? What about those times when you are looking for answers and it seems like your spiritual team has gone radio silent. This blog is all about divine guidance, what it is and what it isn’t.

The Messages Come in Divine Timing

I have no shortage of divine guidance stories my clients have shared or what has occurred in my life personally. Sometimes it is a flat-out miracle; hearing the voice of God or an angel calling out. Other times it appears we are slogging through life and being fed the answers as we go. After all, the universe works in mysterious ways.

Working as a psychic and life coach, people often reach out to me for clarity on how to move forward. They also want to feel closer to God, their guides, and angels.

I love helping others discover their path while showing them how to uncover divine signs along the way. In other words, cut out the middleman, or the psychic, that interprets the messages and energetic pathways the universe is sharing. I support each of us discovering our personal divine energetic code or language that we share with the universe.


Recently I had a client, who is a single mom, reach out to me. She was moving across the country and was very stressed about finding the right home and preschool for her son. Susan was looking for confirmation from the universe that this was the right choice.

The promotion that required her to move had been a goal for years, long before she became a single parent. The night before she began packing, her grandmother came to her in a dream. She was able to remember how loved and safe her grandmother made her feel. This helped her have the courage to take the big step of moving forward with her plans.

Susan was still worried about finding the right preschool for her son. She wanted absolute proof one was better than the other two that she had found. We spoke on the phone. I shared my insight. Two of them were a good choice, it was up to her to trust her gut and choose what felt right. She can always change her mind.

Sometimes the choices that are offered are only stepping stones to our final decision. This enables us to feel really good about our arrival to a place that calls for celebration and gratitude every time we think of it.

Often our divine guidance might be more subtle than we anticipate. Keep reading and discover seven common ways the universe connects with you.

Things to Remember

Our guidance never goes away. Sometimes we step out of the frequency with our guides because of stress. Other times they shift their communication to higher frequency, with the purpose of helping you expand. Wherever you are in life, just ground yourself and open your heart and mind to their guidance. You are always connected on a spiritual level.

Divine guidance is something that can be felt. Sometimes it feels peaceful or inspirational, other times it brings a feeling of strength or safety. It depends on your situation as to how and when you will feel divine guidance.

Divine Guidance in Everyday Life

Think of when a potential opportunity was lost; in other words, a door was closed and you needed to look at other options. Sometimes people refer to this as dodging a bullet. At the time it hurts, but in the long run things worked out better than you could imagine.

We have all had unexpected blessings occur in our life; a door was opened that promised a new possibility or choice to explore.

Sometimes our guides offer us little clues or bread crumbs on our life path. This reminds us of our free will. We each get to choose along the way. Most importantly we learn to trust our gut and experience the wonderful surge of inspiration and new ideas.

Synchronicities are beautiful ways of being shown we are on the right path. Our thoughts are aligned with our purpose.

Miracles of all types occur every day. Think of this as a situation or person being washed with the light of God, or the highest vibrations possible. A shift occurs physically, mentally, or emotionally. On a side note, there are many miracles that are never recognized or discovered. They occur on a spiritual and karmic level. This is one of the beautiful things about living life.

Sometimes our divine guidance occurs in a very simple way, a message or insight of a friend or family member. Our guides and angels will use every resource possible to guide us. It’s up to us to listen.

Our dreams can offer guidance from loved ones, angels, and guides. This guidance might just be a reminder that you are not alone. You also may gain clarity on a situation. A new perspective might come to life while you sleep.

How Do You Receive Divine Guidance?

Think about the last time you were called to make a decision. How did you know the best plan of action? Did a miracle occur, or maybe one of your choices disappeared. Start paying attention to how your life takes form with the help or intervention of the divine.

Something to Ponder

Our guides see us in our highest potential. They do their best to get us aligned with the vision they see of us. Sometimes they call out to us, other times they leave us a trail of obstacles to overcome and victories to celebrate that eventually lead us out of the shadows and into the light of who we really are.

If you are seeking to discover how to connect with your guidance directly, reach out to me at Pollywirum.com. You can be a guest in an advanced psychic class or join an introductory psychic class. You can also explore energy healing and psychic discovery sessions.



Channeled Message

Our lessons in compassion lead us to truth.

Truth finds us when we experience compassion free of self-reflection.

We no longer need compassion to flow thru us first, or expect compassion to come back home to rest.

Compassion is simply loving and expanding in love.

As our compassion becomes inspired by selflessness the barriers lift and truth is found.

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