Do You Know Your Potential for Transformation?

Oct 11, 2023 | Change, Growth, Manifesting, Spiritual Growth, Transformation

Do You Know Your Potential for Transformation?

Have you ever felt that pull to change something in your life? It might start small, but the feeling grows stronger and stronger until it cannot be denied. Where do these needs for change originate from? What about the sudden unplanned experience that changes your life in the most unexpected way? Keep reading and discover how to transform your life into the expansive experience most likely, planned long ago.

My Inspiration

I have recently begun working with a personal trainer. I love his creative and inspirational energy. He has well planned workouts and a general overall beautiful way of moving through life. He is great at helping people transform their bodies into something they can trust and love. This is a gift.

Of course, I wanted to know if he can tell who will be successful and what the common characteristic is. He shared that successful people are accountable and believe in their ability to change. They stick with things even when it is tough. They are able to connect with gratitude and joy at some point during every workout.

I also wanted to know his story of transformation. He would not be as successful as he is, unless there was a challenge that he overcame.

Charlie’s Story

Charlie’s parents were 15 and 16 years old when he was born. He learned at a young age to depend on himself and work hard. Charlie also learned to trust himself and turn inward when life is stressful. He remembers being told, “I love you,” three times growing up.

This planted the seed for a healing transformation that would enable him to trust others and allow them into his inner world.

Charlie’s learned work ethic helped him earn a master’s degree in exercise science. He learned to be very accountable and disciplined in his life.

Charlie’s ability to focus mostly on work hard, planted the seed to heal in a way that offers a balance of divine feminine energy and divine masculine energy. He will learn how to simply receive and still honor his Divine masculine that allows him to take action. When and how this transformation occurs is still a mystery.

The transformation that is beginning to unfold for him is easy to see. He is learning to receive love. He is learning how to be vulnerable with his partner. The challenge will be for him to be able to just be in the stillness and do nothing. His body and mind are very goal oriented. He is in the process of learning to appreciate nothingness.

All these transformations can unfold in a million ways.

There is potential for expansion in every area of Charlie’s life and your life on many levels. The more a person is aware of their potential, the more ease and grace a person will experience during the transformation. Our potential for expansion incarnated with us and is part of our karmic journey.

Five signs the transformation you are yearning for, is from a seed planted long ago, possibly before you were born:

  1. Your childhood helped establish your way of trusting and communicating with the Universe? Where do you go when you are stressed? Do you easily trust others, or turn inward to solve your problems alone? Are there abandonment issues that planted a seed that ultimately will bring you to trusting others?

This is the basis of where your transformation begins. Look for the experiences that help you turn inward and trust the divine. Also think about where in your life you are learning to feel safe with others? There is always healing potential in this area.

  1. What have you been working or fighting hard for? This might give you a pull to keep acquiring something, even if you have more than enough. Think of the perpetual student or the person that cannot walk away from work.

This overachieving is very telling and insightful. Look for where you are working hard, or stuck in a pattern that does not bring joy or fulfillment. Is there something that you are having a difficult time leaving, even if it does not bring you peace? Letting go of this self-inflicted pain sets you up for a beautiful heart opening and change in your life.

  1. Your relationships are a great place to create transformation. These relationship changes will shift the direction and vibrations in your life. This includes the relationship you have with your body and health.

What relationships are charged with emotions and triggers? Do you have relationships that are no longer healthy? What relationships do you experience being loved and feeling safe? Where do you spend your time?

  1. Where have you suffered loss in your life? This could be a career change, divorce, or death of a loved one. They all feed the seed of expansion and transformation.

After you grieved the loss, and began to settle into your new way of living life, did you find a sense of freedom? This feeling of expansion can come in the most unexpected ways. For Example, after you lose a loved one, you might begin to communicate with them in a new way, and finally have proof of life after death.

  1. What brings you joy? This is that feeling of loving life that is not dependent on what you have or who you are with. This often stays tucked away, in the back recesses of your mind, until something happens and you feel the pull to experience happiness and peace.

What connects you to peace and joy? Perhaps it is something from your past that you are ready to discover again. Maybe you feel inspired to learn something new. Say yes to whatever opens your heart and propels you forward into high vibrational living.

Pulling It All Together

I am very excited to get stronger and continue my personal transformation. I am also excited to see how Charlie evolves and expands with his new meditation practice and budding spiritual awareness. I know that if he is able to embrace his vulnerability and lean into his nonlogical mind, he will explode into a million beautiful ways of being.

Ultimately your transformation will allow you to experience joy on Earth. It is a continual process of trusting and letting go. This allows us to expand beyond challenges and conditioning. We will learn to fully express ourselves free of the past and other distractions.

I believe many of our rewarding experiences are discovered just beyond our limiting and conditioned beliefs. Our peace, joy and compassion are found beyond our karmic experiences. Trust that finding yourself in an expansive experience does not need to be filled with fear and pain, it can be as simple as breathing in Grace and ease. I believe in miracles.

If you are seeking guidance and clarity with your transformative experience, reach out to me at You can explore small group coaching, life coaching or get a psychic reading.


Channeled Message

Simply allow yourself to be in a place that dissolves old habits and welcomes new ways of being. Imagine that you have ancestors and divine beings pouring grace into your very soul and life experience. You are able to see beyond the unknown and have no fear. You are able to feel the experience of love and radiate it into eternity. You are able to honor your earthly experience and be guided by the heavens. you have found heaven on earth.

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