Eight Signs You Are Honoring Your Life Purpose

Apr 10, 2024 | Empowered Life, Growth, High Vibrational Life, Transformation

Eight Signs You Are Honoring Your Life Purpose

Are you confidently living an authentic life, or are you a chameleon blending with another person’s journey? Do you feel like you are just going through the motions of life and not fully connecting with the offerings of the Universe? Are you staying in a situation even though it is not healthy for you? This blog is written to help you determine if you are honoring your life purpose, or maybe it’s time to make some changes.

My Story

I have felt a shift in my psychic and life coaching business for a while. This prompted me to update my website and remove some services. I still felt in my bones that something else needed to be altered. Different scenarios flowed through my mind. I thought about what I loved doing, as well as my strongest skill set.

I decided to sign up for an advanced coaching program. The class was a major commitment, three evenings a week, for twelve weeks. I quickly determined that what I offer as a coach is not aligned with the traditional coaching model. I had to decide if I should revamp my style, or change the title of what I’m offering?

This quandary of adapting, versus honoring your truth, or life purpose is not uncommon.

Read the eight signs below to determine if you are honoring your life purpose.

Eight Signs You Are Honoring Your Life Purpose

1.You are aware of your boundaries and people respect them.

If you struggle with boundaries, explore your values, and limits. Discover what is most important to you and how you can protect your priorities.

2.You are inspired about life. You see different possibilities in various areas of your life.

If you are not inspired with life try exploring classes and experiences and until you find something that peaks your curiosity.

3.You follow your gut instinct.

If you haven’t learned how to trust your gut, take a psychic development class.

4.You experience peace and joy in your daily life. 

If you are not connecting with peace or joy, reach out to a therapist or spiritual teacher to help you revamp your life.

5.You are able to let go of difficult situations. 

If you find yourself holding onto the past and allowing it to affect you, seek professional help so you can live your best life.

6. You feel empowered.

If you never have feelings of self empowerment find a professional to help you connect with your sense of self.

 7.You experience synchronicity.

If you don’t experience synchronicity, start looking for the magic in life. Read books about angels and other high vibe occurrences.

8. Your courage outweighs your fear when making life decisions.
Therapy, coaching, spiritual mentorship are all good resources for increasing your courage.

Wrapping It Up

After attending the coaching classes for two weeks, I made the decision to drop out. This might look like I was back at square one and still deciding what exactly I wanted to offer my clients. The opposite was true.

One of my strongest skill sets is helping people transform their life. Our time together always focuses on a high vibrational mind set. Every session is unique and they all offer a connection to high vibrations, physic messages and spiritual teaching.

The class gave me clarity on how I best connect with my clients . I no longer offer life coaching, instead I invite people to work with me as their high vibrational life and spiritual mentor..

The journey of honing my strengths and offerings has not been a straight line. Every time I tried something new and then chose again, I was honoring my life purpose. It was a great reminder our path offers many opportunities to design a life that is always evolving and helping us move deeper into our life purpose.

If you are wanting to live a more purposeful life, reach out to me at Pollywirum.com. You can experience a psychic development class, psychic reading or high vibrational life mentorship.
Wherever you are today, do something that helps you feel connected to your life purpose.

Channeled Message

Our greatest mission is discovering what brings us both joy and a feeling of connection to the Universal energies. This can be found in many different experiences, but all of them are connected with your life purpose.

Sometimes it requires a spiritual awakening to break through low vibrational beliefs and life patterns. Other times everything falls into alignment with one simple choice that begins to shift the mind.

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