Energy of the Week January 26, 2020

Jan 26, 2020 | Energy of the Week

Energy of the Week January 26, 2020

Some of us may be feeling like we are being anchored down or pulled back by past memories or events.  This can even be as far back as childhood.  Give yourself a little time to pause and reflect about what has popped back up into your life.  Maybe it was a phone call that triggered these feelings, maybe finding an old photo.  Something has brought up thoughts of the past.

Let yourself go back.  Know you are in a completely safe environment. You are given the ability to clear things up.  Possibly you will have conversations with someone, that never actually happened.  Maybe you are given the insight of why things played out the way they did.   Remember you are completely safe, can go back, and clear up what has been bothering you.

Just dip in, clear things up, and you are on the move again; free of old patterns and thoughts

I pulled cards for the different 7 areas in your life.  The area with the greatest energetic shift is your spirituality.

Grounding, Security, & Behaviors

Valuable information is available to you, possibly in the form of a document.  This can help you feel more secure.  There is likely an increase in your behavior that helps you feel more exuberant and curious.  Celebrate when you feel good, exuberant and curious!

Emotional Needs

If you don’t take the time to deal with what has been dragging you down mentally, some of your past memories or beliefs might leave you feeling overburdened.  So to enjoy the freedom of being curious, go back and explore what has been creeping into your thoughts.

Self-control & Purpose

As you realize you have the power to decide your thoughts and your emotions your spiritual awareness gets a boost.  It really is connected to your ability to go back in time and release the hidden concerns.  As you make this shift; life becomes more purposeful.  Don’t give up on yourself.  Your purpose is emerging with each breath that holds your awareness of freedom to choose.

Balance & Trust

You may find yourself being in a position of a mediator.  This might even be you acting as mediator for your less mature self and your more mature self.   This mediator between the different pieces of you begins to bring balance into your world.  You begin to trust your actions again.  This is good.  You can trust yourself to make good decisions.


Through communication, you may hear of great opportunities for yourself or someone younger in your life.  Say yes!   Remember you are dipping into the past for clarity.  This releases you to fully experience life.  When adventure is offered, celebrate!


As you let go of past obligations, fears, or concerns, you find yourself with more creativity in your path.  Explore this creative approach to life.  A very beautiful piece of your future rests on this.

Spirituality & Compassion

This is such an amazing time if you do the work and release the past.  You have success, joy, and completion all waiting for you.  There is so much new energy and opportunity waiting for you.  All that needs to happen is let go of your past.  Have faith in the now and open your heart to the world.  Our life is connected to spirituality and all that is.  This week you have the chance to feel this and know all that is… enjoy!


Dipping into and making sense of the past may take more than one moment of reflection.  Do what you can today.  Your past is always available to be organized in a way that brings clarity and peace to you.


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