Five Easy Ways to Create Balance While Expanding Your Conscious Awareness

Mar 29, 2023 | Balance, Energy, High Vibrational Life

Five Easy Ways to Create Balance While Expanding Your Conscious Awareness

Wherever you are on your life journey, creating balance in your life is a fundamental part of experiencing peace and expansion in your awareness. Balance is the key to your true potential. Keep reading and discovering five easy ways to create balance in your life while expanding your conscious awareness.

The Hanged Man Tarot Card

The energy of the Hanged Man Tarot Card has been pivotal in my life. It is my reminder to slow down and do a check in with my body, mind, and spirit. Does this sound familiar? You just don’t have the strength and wherewithal to stay the course in life? Change and transformation is sure to come.

I just completed my second half marathon in a month. This is something that stirs up so much inside me, joy, gratitude, competition, and the desire for more. All these thoughts and feelings bubble up in a chaotic fashion; until some part of me is called back to the beauty of living a balanced life.

Fifteen years ago, I would not have blinked an eye about running multiple half marathons. One year I ran three marathons. I was driven by the joy of running, choosing races and following a plan. I also had three young children and volunteer work.

There was no balance or stillness in my life.

Eventually my body, mind and spirit became too tired to continue propelling myself forward. I literally couldn’t continue running and live a thriving life.

My body said, “no more”, and life changed overnight. At first this was really scary. Until something inside of me surrendered to unseen forces. I had no idea what the outcome would be, but I felt safe.

I received a diagnosis, the medical reason for my physical changes. More importantly I began to understand spiritually why it happened. I learned how to be still and receive. I began communicating with my guides, angels, and God.

Eventually I had energy to care for my family, but I couldn’t imagine ever running again.

When I moved from Alaska to Arizona I began to feel like my old self. I could hike for hours, do yoga and Pilates. I felt my physical self grow stronger every day.

Joy literally ran through my mind and body on the trails. I still feel compelled to kiss the Earth in gratitude.

At some point I decided to start adding a little running (trotting) into my hiking. It felt good, but I was cautious. I didn’t want to burn out and find myself with the Hanged Man again. Slowly I added more miles into my schedule.

This is where I am today. Happy, grateful, and reminding myself of the beauty of a balanced life. I have energy for my physical body, mind, spirit, work, family, and community.

Five Ways You Can Create Balance

1) Goals are awesome! Challenges are thrilling, but there is a need to PAUSE and check in on the balance of your life. Is there something in your life that is no longer healthy?

2) Intentionally tune into the feeling of GRATITUDE. This will automatically create space in your thoughts and help you step back from the perpetual movement of life.

3) Explore all parts of your life, physical, spiritual, mind, spirit, and body. Where are you putting all your energy? What part of you needs more attention? Are you making time for prayer and meditation?

4) Create a daily practice that holds stillness, gratitude, and self-reflection. This can be found in yoga, journaling, and meditation.

5) Writing things down is a powerful tool in creating balance. Put your goals and life dreams down where you can see them. Write out your daily schedule. This is an easy way to discover how balanced your day is. The act of writing things slows you down, clears your mind and can decrease stress and anxiety.

I live in the beauty of celebrating now and fully embrace each step of the journey

In a couple months I’ll pick another half marathon and begin training. Having the date on my calendar gets me super excited! In the meantime, I will hike, take yoga and Pilates classes, work, and enjoy family and friends.

My goals look completely different than they did 15 years ago. This is a characteristic of living a balanced life. Things come and go. We evolve and transform into something our soul is encouraging us to explore.

My transformation has brought a constant shift in my awareness. It doesn’t matter where I am, or what I’m doing, at some point I will be pulled back into the ocean of awareness that completely changed my life years ago. Here I let go of it all and enjoy the peace. Eventually I come back to the reality that holds goals and a different form of joy. In this human life both experiences are needed to thrive.

If you are ready for balance and a shift in your awareness reach out to me at You can explore life coaching, psychic readings or a spiritual retreat in Sedona, Arizona with me:)


Channeled Message

Somewhere along our journey deciding to trust the unknown will occur. For many it is a challenging moment; each time it will be a little easier to let go and believe.

Imagine diving into a flow of energy that at times is turbulent; other times gentle and restorative. Perhaps it matches your inner workings.

One of these dives into self-exploration brings you to a place, where you feel safe releasing all you have been holding onto. Maybe you even release what you have wrapped yourself up in for protection.

You notice the vibrations begin to shift. You hear, see and feel things like never before. The past is gone. You only remember what matters now.

Eventually you return to the surface and remember this life; but you are wiser. You are restored.

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