Have You Experienced a Dark Night of the Soul and did it Make You a Better Person?

Aug 31, 2022 | Saturn Return, Spiritual Growth, Spirituality

Have You Experienced a Dark Night of the Soul and did it Make You a Better Person?

Many of us have heard the term, Dark Night of the Soul. It might bring to mind a time that you or another struggled with making good choices over poor choices. Maybe it reminds you of a time when your life hit rock bottom and everything really needed to change. Last but not least, some people refer to the Dark Night of the Soul as Saturn Return in your astrological chart.

Regardless of your personal meaning, this experience makes room for self-awareness and life reflection and big changes. Have you ever experienced a version of the Dark Night of the Soul and did you become a wiser version of self?

Why Now?

I was recently talking with a friend who loves everything about astrology. She reminded me, I am quickly approaching my own Dark Night of the Soul. Of course, she was referring to my Saturn Return in May, 2024.

Approximately every 29.5 years, we each will experience a Saturn return. This is when Saturn returns to the same place in your chart, as the day you were born. It is the perfect time to check in and see how much you have grown emotionally and spiritually. The effects can be felt for two years on either side of your birthday. Saturn returns can be viewed as the key that unlocks new aspects of your life. These are often big changes, marriage, divorce, retirement, first baby, or new career.

Saturn Return is an opportunity to activate our wisdom and spiritual growth, couched on a life lesson or some type of big change. Hopefully we are living our life in a way that makes our maturing a natural and uncomplicated part of our life.

I love the idea of an opportunity to expand in our world, but struggle with some of Saturn return’s reputation.

1) I don’t think a soul is ever dark. I believe each of us has a soul filled with love and fueled by the holy light of the Universe. Our Soul is vibrational grace in motion, ever changing, emerging and evolving with rhythm and flow.

2) Many of us have hard life lessons that don’t match the Saturn return on our chart. Looking back at my younger years, it felt like I lived at least 20 years in continuous Saturn Return. Maybe I wasn’t a quick learner.

I actually love the energy of Saturn. I love lists, accountability, boundaries, making a plan and working towards it. Interestingly the placement of Saturn in some charts indicates an easier second half of life. This is true in my chart and life.

I use a lot of Saturn type energy in my coaching. I love helping people create a life story that contains their greatest hopes and dreams. With age, I have come to realize plans are just a plan. It opens the door for new ideas, the final outcome may be completely different, but committing to yourself by way of a plan is powerful!

Can we have growth without a crisis?

Saturn Return offers a connection to a portal of energy that allows us to manifest with even greater ability. The lesson is having faith you will receive what is for your highest good. It provides clarity and a bright checkpoint to assess your life.

The question remains. Will you take advantage of this powerful energy?

A new pathway might be forming, but not completely visible. Once you commit to yourself, your life will bloom in unexpected and beautiful ways. It is the faith and commitment that allows the light of the Sun to brighten your path through shadowy or dark times.

Explore your commitment to self-love in all areas of your life, self-care, relationships, wellness, and even career and family.

The second half of life has helped me recognize that focusing on one goal and not having balance in life, increases stress. The more rigid a target or life goal is, the more you hang on to a particular outcome. Having only one object of desire or main focus is limiting and shuts down miracles.

I will also add, experiencing great appreciation for all possibilities versus having yearning for one thing, keeps the flow of high vibrational living.

Having many life dreams while working towards high vibrational outcomes is fun! Keeping everything fluid, allows life to offer lessons that are easier to navigate. Most of us are going to occasionally run into a challenge, this is when you lean into your faith and reach out for support.

If you are feeling the pull of a life lesson or transformation, and would like a little guidance, contact me at pollywirum.com. You can have a psychic reading, have a couple cards pulled and see what your Angels and your ancestors have to say.


Channeled Message

Imagine each of us incarnates on Earth with a set point, or average energetic vibration, this is part of our Karma. We make choices along the way that can shift our vibrations into a higher frequency or lower frequency.

As our energetic bodies become heavier or lighter, they begin to create a matching vortex of change around our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body. This vortex can be thought of as Saturn Return, the Tower card in Tarot, or rebirth.

Each of us has a physiological set point predetermined before birth, for a vortex of change. This is fate. It is up to us, what the energy of the vortex will be. We also get to decide how we will move through our transformations.

Our lives are a mixture of fate and free will.


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