Have You Experienced an Energetic Vortex or Reality Shift?

Mar 13, 2024 | High Vibrational Life, Spiritual Growth, Transformation

Have You Experienced an Energetic Vortex or Reality Shift?

Do you ever wonder about other realities and energetic realms? Do you believe it is possible to experience reality shifts and spiritual transformations? Keep reading and discover if you have experienced a shift in your reality; and maybe you did not even know it. 

If you do a google search for signs of shifting realities you might be surprised at how much information is out there. You might also be taken back by all the physical symptoms listed. The most common conditions are tingling sensations in your body, seeing flickering lights, feeling dizzy with vibrations in your body, experiencing fatigue, headaches and more. 

Honestly if you researched the above symptoms on Web MD, you might self-diagnose with a disease that is pulling you towards a complete shift to the other side of the veil. The funny thing is this; years ago, when my life changed with a completely new spiritual awareness, I did in fact experience many of these symptoms. Sometimes I still do. 

For this blog we will view a reality shift as a raise in your vibrational awareness. This affects your perception of the world, and how you connect with everything in your life. 

A Recent Experience

I am in the process of selling my home and relocating to Northern Arizona. I have my wish list of what I am looking for in my new house. Wherever I buy; easy access to undeveloped land with trails is top priority.

On my 58th birthday, I drove to Flagstaff to look at some potential properties. I was excited to check out one area that was an old ranch being divided into buildable lots. Another highlight to the day was my realtor who understands my view of a very mystical Universe.

When I arrived at the ranch land, I loved everything about it. I met another agent and the builders who shared their story of how they manifested this property. It was a magical tale that cast a loving light on the entire day. I was shown the closest access point to the forest service road and trails. I planned on returning in two days to explore.

The morning of my adventure, I left my hotel just after sunrise, it was windy and a little chilly. Driving to the property I noticed a sign that read Tribal Winds. I drove around and explored different lots, trying to imagine the best views while I tapped into the energy.

As I parked, my thoughts flickered to nobody knowing my whereabouts. I walked through a meadow that was home to prairie dogs and other creatures. An old rusty barbed wire fence was the only barrier to the trail system. I climbed through it. Once on the dirt road, I began my hike.

Almost immediately I felt a strong vibrational shift. Everything that is not essential to my life mission was being torn away. The wind picked up as I continued my trek. I felt a little sense of caution, which almost never happens to me outside.

About two miles in, I began to hear an almost deafening sound. It was like being in a wind tunnel, with a constant flow of turbulence. I looked around, trying to identify the sound.

I almost turned around because it was so intense. It felt like the trail was surrounded by Native American spirits having a ritual or coming of age ceremony. They lined the trail and danced for eternity. I could see them shirtless, moving to the rhythm of the land and wind.

I also felt a sense of energy beyond this planet. I half expected to be sucked up into the sky. Sometimes the wind pushed me from a walk to a run. I surrendered to the experience. My journey lasted about two hours. It was one of the most intense events I have ever had outside; and I do not think I will ever forget it.

It felt like I was going through a portal to another realm. Maybe it had something to do with my birthday, but I like to think it was the spirits of the land welcoming me to my new home. Who knows, maybe I have had past lives there:) Whatever it was, something in me shifted.

7 Signs You Have Experienced a Vibrational Shift

You no longer get angry at things that used to bother you. It becomes easier to walk away from issues that distract you from your purpose.

You choose different words when you communicate with others. Maybe in the past your vocabulary was filled with fear-based communication.

Your friend group changes as your vibrational energy shifts. You will notice more loving people in your world.

Your cravings dissipate. You might begin to eat healthier food, drink more water, and drink less alcohol.

You connect to the world differently. It becomes easier for you to experience gratitude and inspiration. You begin to share this energy with others.

A lesson in your life, that you once struggled with, seems to have disappeared. Maybe you mastered a karmic lesson such as self-worth or trusting others. There are many areas of powerful spiritual growth that happen with a vibrational shift.

Your intuition has increased and your ability to manifest became even more powerful.

Wrapping it Up

Remember vibrational shifts can occur in many ways. They can be gentle; like while you are sleeping. Other shifts occur with life challenges that keep your mind occupied while your spirit is evolving. They all are an important part of our individual and collective expansion.

If you are seeking transformation or a spiritual shift in your life, reach out to me at pollywirum.com. You can explore life coaching opportunities, psychic developments classes or a high vibrational psychic reading. Wherever you are, remember you are being guided to a purposeful and peaceful life.

P.S. Ask your Angels to help you reach a high vibrational life experience.

Channeled Message

What sets you aside from others as you navigate the responsibilities of your burgeoning spiritual awareness? Only you can answer your calling. 

Yes, our individual actions create the collective. 

Our awareness, karmic lessons, and purpose pull each of us towards our individual highest vibrational life pattern. 

Every one of us comes to Earth with our unique set of prints or keys to unlocking the cosmic answers of the universe. It is when the greater number of us has accessed this personal awareness that we raise the collective consciousness. This my friend is no small feat; and yet it is as easy as letting go and just breathing. 

Surrender to the possibilities. Notice the miracles. Radiate Gratitude. Believe in yourself and your spiritual team. Celebrate your life.

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