How Connecting with the Other Side of the Veil Can Heal You and Others

Oct 12, 2022 | Other Side, Spiritual Growth, Spirituality

How Connecting with the Other Side of the Veil Can Heal You and Others

Do you ever find yourself wanting to do more for future generations and the world at large? Have you ever wanted to restore yourself or another in a miraculous way? Keep reading and discover how connecting with the other side of the veil can heal you and others.

Most people are familiar with the idea of there being a barrier or separation between our world and heaven. This boundary holds us in an idea of time and space, while loved ones are free of form, time and place on the other side of the veil.

Is it just our human mind that has constructed a separation between our lives and Angels, spirit guides, source and our loved ones? Is it possible to tap into that energy of unconditional love, expansion and eternal wellness?

Do we already touch both sides of the veil and not even recognize it?

Recently in a meditation I was shown how souls leave our bodies. This is nothing new. What takes place after our soul leaves, grabbed my attention. It was as though a shell of who we are, all of our thoughts and human experiences lifted up and became part of the veil. Think of an echo skeleton made of human emotions and stories rising above our atmosphere to rest, as it creates a dome shaped barrier between human awareness and our soul’s evolution.

What if the veil is purely made up of human emotions, life stories, thoughts, fear and even love. Is it possible to send healing and love to the barrier that separates us from spiritual evolution? Is it possible to focus on the love and inspiration that each human has experienced and shift the energy of the veil to a place that holds space for only love and light.

I visualize the cracks and fissures of the veil allowing streams of light to pour over humanity in the purest form. Soon the streams will be rivers and then oceans of love pouring into the human consciousness and awareness.

Have we been waiting for this moment to recognize we have the power to light up all of humanity by simply focusing on love and light of all times. Every life lived has been important and held the key to us understanding our ability to heal thy self through prayer, gratitude and visualization.

Five Ways to Connect with the Other Side of the Veil

Affirmative prayer or saying thank you in advance for what you are calling into your life is very powerful. Your prayer is already answered, you are simply saying, “thank you. “I do this every morning as part of my practice and it has helped shape my life in magical ways.

Believe and know in your heart that you are part of a cosmic miracle, you are as much alive on the Other Side of the veil, as you are here. It is simply where you put your attention.

Talk with your Angels and Guides and Source daily. The more you talk with them, just as you would anyone else that you love, the deeper your connection is. Share with them your dreams, deepest thoughts and ask them to guide you through life. Ask them to help release your fears.

Talk with your loved ones just as you did before they crossed over. If they guided you before death, seek their guidance now. If you need to repair the relationship from when you both walked the Earth, do it now. They hear you and love you.

Visualize a life and a world full of compassion, peace and abundance. See yourself manifesting your dreams. See yourself connected to your angels, guides and source. Feel the love of your ancestors. See your version of heaven on Earth.

How You Can Experience a Healing from the Other Side

Connecting with the other side offers Expansion of thought and mind.

You will experience a shift in reality. It might be subtle but life will begin to play out easier. There will be less fear and resistance.

You will become a master at manifesting. The energy of the other side is miraculous and is the key to manifestation.

You will have clarity of your purpose. It may simply be to create, while living with joy and inspiration.

You will experience peace in your world. I could elaborate on this, but simply knowing you have peace, is enough.

You will surrender to the flow of guiding energy that comes into your life. Your fear will be washed away and replaced with gratitude.

The feeling of gratitude is a gift from God. It opens our heart and shines light on love and abundance. It will grow and grow until the shift is complete.

As we each begin to experience heaven on Earth, the veil will be no more. We will recognize all in their truest form. Fear and hate transforms and peace is available to all. We each have the ability to create this now. The tide is turning and a shift is occurring that is pulling the collective to no longer living in separation.

We are mere moments from a collective shift in consciousness. Reach far for your truth and feel it settle into your bones, so you may lift others up.

If you are ready to discover Heaven on Earth, contact me at You can experience a psychic reading, life coaching or Energy Healing. Enjoy this beautiful time of transformation and self-realization.


Channeled Message

If you could see the colors of your soul and thoughts, your mind would expand, connecting to higher frequencies and vibrational energy.

This vision of color is possible now.

Sit quietly and see gold at your center with purple and all the colors of the rainbow in a layered formation that fills your body.

Your physical self is surrounded by shifting colors and shapes.

Soon you can read the energy of all you see.

Fear has evaporated as you have connected with the highest frequencies and are manifesting your world.

Each breath in is expansion. Each breath out is releasing what is no longer needed.

You connect now with colorful energy; words are no longer needed.

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