How to Experience a Silver Lining Vortex When Things Go Awry

Jan 18, 2023 | Change, Growth, Manifesting, Transformation

How to Experience a Silver Lining Vortex When Things Go Awry

Whew, we made it through the holidays and safely into the new year. How is it going for you? Are you living your best life, or has the Universe been serving you some curveballs? Maybe you’re ready for a perspective to help you easily experience life’s silver lining even when things go awry?

My Silver Lining

All around me I see spheres of red rocks, rich red dirt, and deep green juniper trees. I am sitting near a vortex in Sedona. This happens to be one of the silver linings in my life right now.

I prepared and packed my house, planning to be displaced for 8 to 12 weeks. My dream of having the interior remodeled was finally happening. My goal was to spend 8 weeks in Sedona and two weeks in Hawaii.

I will be the first to admit, this is a bit of a dream life. I only require hiking trails, sunshine, vegan food, and Wi-Fi.

I settled on a VRBO that was also home to rescued horses. The horses were the frosting on my cake. After dragging the last box into storage, I made the drive to Sedona while listening to my favorite music with my dog.

To be honest, swearing at some of the drivers:)

My plan unraveled in a very frustrating way when I arrived. My rental had no available WiFi during the day, and very little at night. My phone didn’t work at all and my desktop blew a circuit.

I was determined to make it work somehow, even though I need Wi-Fi and phone service every day to work. Not to mention my mostly written book is on my desktop.

I needed to hit the pause button.

How to Shift Your Perspective to See the Silver Lining

When things go awry it is usually because something unplanned occurs. This could be a loss of something that you expected to be there for you. It could also be an unexpected event creating havoc in your day.

Sometimes experiencing a loss creates space for new growth and opportunities.

If an unexpected challenge takes up time and energy, notice if you begin to feel grateful for the times when your life held more ease. Maybe the challenge helps you let go of things that were habitual, but not meaningful.

When challenges, complications or distractions show up; it is a great time to see what you can let go of. What is the Universe encouraging you to release? What can you do differently?

There is usually a bit of a pause when something doesn’t go as expected. We are forced to untangle our expectations from reality and this allows a whole new vision to appear. Seeing life free of expectations brings new ideas and inspiration.

When your life experience takes on a new twist, notice where you put your attention. What are you being shown when you stop looking at the problem? Is there unexpected opportunities or support showing up in your life?

Surrendering to a new life experience is part of your gift.

Releasing My Problems into the Vortex

My usual practice is meditation, prayer followed by time on a trail or in a yoga class. On my first morning in Sedona, I woke up early and went for a hike. It was glorious. There were ravens, flowing water and deer, but no people.

I felt a shift occur as I trotted up the trail. I began releasing my worries and just enjoyed the feeling of freedom. Then it hit me. I can do my sessions outside by a vortex. They won’t be recorded, but the energy will be phenomenal.

After the hike I did my first vortex reading. It was great:)

My phone still doesn’t work in my little hut, but it almost does outside by the horses. I was offered the use of a healing studio for my group zoom classes.

I have to be very intentional with the use of my phone and electronics. Circumstances brought me much more time outside in Sedona and I love the local yoga studio.

Some of the things that I relied on shifted and then I fell head first into a silver lining vortex. I have felt the energy of transformation for some time now, and it is just getting stronger. Sedona is the perfect place for me to discover new ways of connecting and moving through the world.

If you need help discovering your silver lining contact me at We can experience vortex energy together under the blue skies and red rocks with the animals and spirits of the outdoor world.


Channeled Message

Our Universal energy has always offered us the ability to reach our potential.

This has not changed.

What has evolved is the way light is reflected from the transforming human mind and heart.

This is bringing an awareness to an opening in the stars and planets

As we notice other possibilities, our consciousness expands, elevating our human experience.

Earth is holding us steady as our reality shifts and shifts again

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