How to Manifest with Magic of the Moon

Aug 5, 2020 | What The Universe Is Trying To Tell You

How to Manifest with Magic of the Moon

One evening after dinner, I was half-listening to a conversation between my husband and one of our daughters. They had been discussing her higher education and long term goals. Chloe happily responded to a question about her life after college, “I don’t know, I am still manifesting.”  My attention was grabbed.  I love how she is empowered by her awareness of co-creating life with the universe. I also love that she left room for the unknown; that’s where the magic resides.

During this same time frame, one of my clients materialized three things on her wish list.  After months of attention, they landed in her lap all at once.  Lilith had been working on a transition out of her current career in marketing.  She also had been seeking a cause that her husband would join her in.  Last she wanted to reestablish her connection with old college friends.  Lilith finally received a new job offer, but with some twists.  She would need to make some lifestyle changes and other big decisions impacting her family.  Her husband supported her, and they began to create a new life together.  She also reached out to her college friends.  They helped formulate a long term plan.  Lilith’s manifestations did not come neatly wrapped with a big red bow.  She had to unravel the stressful pieces before she could declare her gratitude.

The Lunar Cycle brings mystical and secret magic into the manifestation process. We can use the Moon’s energy to manifest both long and short term goals. Each cycle brings a new energy that rewards us if we understand the subtle changes. It is as easy as remembering the invisible gentle waves moving through you. Ignore or resist the Moon’s magic and you might overlook the gentle flow of sweet abundance. Living in awareness of the cycles, allows you to be the High Priestess (or Priest) of your creative world.

The secrets of manifestation are shared by the light of the moon.  Each Lunar cycle holds an intricate part creation.

1. New Moon

This is the phase that holds the energy of just awakening.  You are connected to the inner world and just beginning to experience new desires in your outer world.  This is a time for new beginnings.  You are given a blank slate to create your dreams. You are cultivating the ground for the future planting of seeds.

Practice: Make time for yourself and unplug from life.  Light a red candle, burn some sage, and write down your biggest dreams.  Remember to think about what brings you joy and ignites your fire.  Pause and enjoy the freedom of unencumbered desires.

2. Waxing Crescent

Connect to the feelings of your intentions. Communicate with the Universe exactly how your successful manifestations feel.  Open your heart for your dreams to have space to grow.

Practice: Light an orange candle and visualize walking into the reality you are cultivating in your heart and mind. Imagine nurturing and caring for your dreams.  You are planting seeds and lovingly watering and protecting them.

3. First Quarter

Make an action plan.  You may notice a change in the energy around you.  Are you experiencing resistance? Stay motivated but flexible as you begin to follow your action steps.  Notice if your actions match your heart’s intentions?  You may begin to see some little green sprouts from what you planted earlier.

Practice:  Light a yellow candle and sit in a sacred space.  Close your eyes and take some deep cleansing breaths. Feel the energy of your dreams.  Do your actions align with what you began cultivating last week?

4. Waxing Gibbous

You may find yourself experimenting or trying different angles to reach your goals.  Does it feel like you are still on track?   Do you need to change course? Focus on your plans and assess your actions.  You definitely see your little plants. You may question if you planted the correct seed in the right spot.

Practice: Light a gold candle.  Burn some sage for clarity.  Close your eyes and breathe deep.  Recognize the effort you have put into your dreams in the past few weeks.  This is the time for discernment.  Do you need any tweaks to your plan?

5. Full Moon Celebrate

This has such wild potential for magical chemical reactions that brings babies into the world and new relationships are born. People say yes, for the thrill of it. We experience heightened emotions. We have new opportunities for our recent work. We also will experience illumination on what is, or is not, working. Your plants are crazy big! What are you going to do with the harvest? Are you going to let anything die on the vine?

Practice: Light a purple candle, use a few drops of your favorite essential oil, and welcome all that life has offered. Imagine looking at your life through a lens that illuminates love and highlights your highest good. Celebrate what’s working in your life and enjoy the full light of the moon.

6. Waning Gibbous

This is a glorious time to explore your manifestations.  Do they resemble the list you made in the light of the new moon? Are you making good decisions to nurture and hold onto your dreams?  You have picked most of the fruit, but the plants remain.

Practice:  Light a pink candle.  Write a gratitude list for what you have in your life.  Choose a person you would like to share some of your good fortunes with. Reach out to them in the next couple of days. Release with love what is not serving you.

7. Last Quarter

This is the energy to settle into and feel everything around you. Notice your accomplishments. Settle in deeper and notice if there is anything else that is ready to be released. The more you are able to release, the more you are able to receive. Here you decide if the plants have life left in them, or is it best to return them to Earth.

Practice: Light a white candle. Take some deep breaths. On each exhale know that you are releasing old emotions. On each inhale, you are receiving pure love. The energy of the moon is connected to our emotions. The more we can breathe deeply and release old emotions and stories, the easier it is to allow fresh energy to flow through your mind and body.

8. Waning Crescent

This is a beautiful piece of the cycle.  It is all about surrendering to the awareness of the rhythms of our Universe.   We are in a continuous flow of energy.  Each phase shares a different story, but there is no true ending or beginning…  just a shift in our reaction to the world around us.  This stirs a shift in the Universe within.   Your garden is quiet.  You are not tending to any seeds or plants. You are enjoying the memory of busier seasons.

Practice:  Light a blue candle and pour yourself a bath with sea salt and the essential oil of rose.  Eat nurturing food and focus on self-care.  Soon you will be activating your feminine power in the light of the new moon.

Follow the Lunar Cycle and have fun playing with the energy while manifesting all your goals.  We are constantly refining our dreams and letting go of the old.  Mastering the flow of the Moon’s energy allows you to weave in and out of the highs and lows of life; without losing a piece of yourself in the process.  It is also noteworthy that different times in our lives resonate with different cycles.  For example in the beginning when I mentioned Chloe and her dreams.  She is in the new moon stage of her life.  She has dreams but is giving them space to grow. Lilith is in the Waxing Gibbous stage of her life. She has manifested many dreams.  It is time for her to be discerning and only allow in what she really wants in her life.

Where ever you are on your journey, the moon can offer insight on how to manifest, release, and experience more joy in your life.

Channeled Message

The moon is the energy that feeds your soul with the delight of potential.

This is a magnetic force field that pulls and sways your desires into your inner knowing.

It reminds you of your connection to all that is.

The moon shows you how to dance with the sweetness of life; and how to move through sorrows… And supports your course of personal discovery through every cycle of life.

We are destined to meet face to face with this magnetic energy and hold conversations that only the soul understands. This guidance runs on the deepest level through every cell of every life.

Reach for the knowing and experience a deeper understanding of self.  Allow yourself to be pulled into the undertow of energy that is building up to be the next wave of creation.

End Channeled Message

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