How to Master Your Thoughts for an Intentional and Empowered Life

Nov 22, 2023 | Empowered Life, Growth, High Vibrational Life

How to Master Your Thoughts for an Intentional and Empowered Life

If you are seeking a life that allows you to feel empowered and at peace, this blog is for you. Do you find yourself being influenced by your past actions or experiences? Do you catch yourself thinking about the future, but not in an inspirational and high vibrational way? Does your mind go to far away places, that pull you from your current life experience? Keep reading if you are ready to master your thoughts and live an intentional and empowered life.

Thoughts About Now

It is impossible to be aware of every experience and thought that has transpired from the time of our birth. Whether you are four years old or sixty years old, all you have is this moment, which is very powerful! Our past and future are both truly elusive, and yet we give these intangible things control over our life. This does not mean you should not think about your past and future, just choose what you decide to hold onto and what you imagine coming to fruition. Also pay attention to those times where you are more connected to the past or future then your current moment.

We radiate the belief about our future, our current mindset and energy of past lessons in everything we do. Transform your life by recognizing how your personal power increases when you are aware of your thoughts. Your energy will stay strong and clear.

An Opportunity to Monitor My Thoughts

Recently I received a call regarding my annual mammogram screening. Some medical calls can bring up low vibration feelings and fearful thoughts. The message was delivered in a kind but urgent tone. I had to come in for a repeat mammogram, ultra sound, and possible biopsy. My appointment was booked three weeks out.

During the three weeks I received many texts, emails and even phone calls reminding me of the pending appointment. I also began to have physical pain in the area of concern. This allowed me ample time to practice mastering my thoughts, bringing them away from fear.

Typically, if I am stressed, I turn inward and do more prayer, meditation and communication with my guides and angels. This means I am not a great conversationalist with humans.

I reminded myself that if I allowed fear into my thoughts, it decreases the quality of my life now.

Our Thoughts

Fearful thoughts and stress cause our energy to become fragmented and weakens our immune system, physical and emotional wellness. The same happens when we allow our thoughts to travel to past heavy, low vibrational events. We basically are giving our power away to an unpleasant experience of another time and place.

On the other hand, if you think inspirational thoughts and weave them into the current moment, that can be very heart opening and empowering. Visualizing things that make us happy can bring that energy into our current moment and strengthen our physical and emotional energy.

8 Ways to Help you Monitor Your Thoughts

Keep your thoughts safe from your fears. Notice when your mind creates negative stories and worse case scenarios. Remind yourself you have other choices and topics to flow with your thoughts. Choose again.

Wrangle and pull your thoughts from unhappy experiences in your past. If you have the habit of traveling to challenging past experiences, remind yourself of other choices in your life story.

There are times when we need to dip into the future for inspiration on a current experience. Stay grounded and intentionally create a positive outcome in your mind, or simply allow yourself to daydream a little. Both of these can bring inspirational energy into your current moment.

Stay connected to your spiritual team with prayer and meditation. Both of these practices keep you connected to now. If you are intentionally prayerful, there is a feeling of being connected to something very powerful in the moment. Meditation offers you the opportunity to bring your attention to your current experience.

Check in with current life lessons, how are they affecting you now. Can you step back and look at your situation objectively? Discovering how to intentionally navigate life’s challenges without fear, will transform your human experience.

Weaving gratitude into your current life experience and thought process is another way to feel empowered. Your heart will open up and your chest will expand, bringing a sense of personal strength into now. This practice might include thinking about what your grateful for currently, or in the past. Gratitude will always impact your current situation positively.

Grounding techniques are great for bringing you back into your body and your current life experience. This might be high impact exercise, yoga, or just spending time in nature. You will still need to monitor your thoughts, but it is easier when you are grounded and feeling more physical strength.

Just as we need boundaries in other areas of our life; we need boundaries with our thoughts. When you notice your thoughts and words going into an unhealthy, fear-based language, stop. Stay aware of the triggers that send you into a low vibrational mindset. You are in control of your thoughts, mindset and therefore, life experience.


For three weeks I prayed for a positive outcome, I sent healing and gratitude to my body. I intentionally focused on how strong I felt and how much I love life. I also asked arch Angel Raphael for healing.

The morning of the appointment fell on the new moon. I had done a little ceremony for my wellness the night before. When I checked in the staff was extremely nice and welcoming. I learned that I would get the results that day.

I had the mammogram and ultrasound and there was no need for a biopsy. Everything was considered normal. The pain that I had been experiencing was related to deep muscle tissue. I felt a tremendous amount of gratitude and relief.

When I was leaving the building, I saw several anxious looking women. As I walked past, I silently sent them prayers for peace and ease and hoped they could find calm in the moment.

If you are seeking guidance on mastering your thoughts and living with ease and joy reach out to me at You can be a guest in one of my psychic development classes or take part in small group coaching. I wish you an empowered and joyful journey.


Channeled Message

When exploring the idea of now, imagine this moment as an expansive energy that has no limits or boundaries.

Your experience is always shifting in ways not perceived by the human mind.

Just as your version of your past evolves your version of self and now evolves.

The magic happens when we become aware of our ability to create every moment with love and inspiration.

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