How to Win the Lottery

Jun 24, 2020 | Past Lives, Current Loves, & Your Future

How to Win the Lottery

I have always thought it is fun to take part in a game of chance.  I purchase raffle tickets and enter other contests. I feel pretty lucky in life, so why not. During the early weeks of pandemic life, like many other people, I purchased a weekly lottery ticket. At that time my only outing was driving to a pool for our son to swim. On our way home, we would look at the lottery numbers on a huge sign. It was updated weekly, sharing how much money was still available. We always noticed when there had been a big payout. My son and I would entertain ourselves, talking about winning the lottery. What would we do with a big cash prize?

In truth, our everyday life probably wouldn’t change much.  I would buy new windows, doors, and a snake fence for our aging home.  I would invest some money in my business.  Mostly, it is fun to think about what animal sanctuaries, environmental and humanitarian groups I would donate to. It feels good to run all the possibilities of contributing through my mind. The thrill of making a sizable difference is very fun to explore.

A winning lottery ticket is symbolic of living a life of freedom, no restrictions.  It is a creative way to think about what you want most in your life. Buying the ticket and daydreaming of a win, helps you visualize unlimited finances, and removes restrictions. Imagining what you will do with your winnings, brings true abundance one step closer to your reality.  This process can land you a winning lottery ticket; more importantly, it can help you discover your ability to manifest your greatest desires.

A couple of weeks ago, I did a day trip to Sedona.  It was refreshing to see the red rocks and learn a little more about singing bowls. The drive home, however, was long and complicated by a brush fire.  When we finally made it safely back, I took our dogs outside to play.  I watered the rose bushes and snipped off the dead flowers. I was in my happy place, barefoot, with animals, sun, dirt, and water. I noticed our big puppy perusing some type of animal.  Whatever creature had grabbed his attention, went the opposite direction from the dog. The mystery animal was slowly winding itself up into the rose bush I stood next to. Eventually, I saw enough to know I was standing 10 inches from a rattlesnake.

I got the dogs in the house and appreciated the snake’s very peaceful approach to doggie relationships. After making a couple of phone calls, I discovered a business that will catch the snake and release it in the wild. This was perfect! The owner of the Rattlesnake Solutions could be at my house in 20 minutes.  All I had to do was keep an eye on the snake.

My backyard guest left the rose bush and slowly moved in the shade of the house.  She was easy to see, even as the sun was dipping lower.  I felt comfortable waiting with her.

Our connection was interrupted when the snake whisperer arrived. He shared his passion for snakes as he easily captured the reptile. He has traveled the world for research purposes and has a thriving business in Arizona.  He rescues the snakes, tags them, and releases them in the wild.  At some point he had worked in marketing; he let a traditional lifestyle go for his freedom.

The next night I was in my back yard and looked over just in time to see another rattlesnake approaching my dogs. Today’s snake did not have the mellow temperament of the first snake. Once the dogs were inside; I made the call.  It was late and this snake was not shy. As the sun dropped, I could hear my guest but not see him. I stood on a chair in the dark, waiting.  Eventually, the snake was captured and put in a bucket until he could safely be released. I learned the first snake was a pregnant female. The second snake was male.

There is a meaningful message tucked into the snake story. Like the snake whisperer, follow your dreams, even if they are non-traditional or have never been done before. I am sharing a step by step plan to make it easier to win the lottery and/or design your most abundant life.

Step 1:  Commit to winning the lottery of abundant life. This means, don’t stop until you have it.

Step 2:  Purchase a lottery ticket and give yourself the freedom to watch your life evolve. Savor the possibilities!

Step 3:  Write down the areas of your life that will have the greatest changes.

Step 4:  What steps can you take now to create the shifts you desire.

Step 5:  Revisit the feeling of winning the lottery. It is important to keep the dream alive.

Step 6:  Recognize and celebrate all the wins in your life. Stay grateful and expect more.

Step 7:  How are you sharing your successes? Can this be expanded?

Step 8:   Keep the dream fresh (feel the win again).

Step 9:  Explore and feel your gratitude again.

Step 10:   Refresh your commitment to sharing with the world.  How can you contribute today?

Step 11:  Recognize how your life has changed from the day you committed to winning the lottery.

A wise woman shared her manifesting trick with me. She imagines a much older version of herself doing a life review.  She visualizes her dreams as if she lived them. This allows her to feel gratitude for having experienced her most desired life. She is able to feel the success of winning and the gratitude for her beautiful dreams coming true.

P.S.  Buying a lottery ticket is not necessary to create a life of inspiration and abundance. Believing you are living a life of abundance is nonnegotiable.

Channeled Message

Open your mind to all the ways possible of living.  Create visions that hold sounds, feelings, and awareness of expanded worlds. You are the wisdom and love, the sole creator of self.

Allow yourself to flow through one world after another.  Experience friendships, senses, and awareness of different realities.  You are always safe to return to the place your heart is fullest.

End Channeled Message

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