Lessons From the Dead That Can Help You Live a Better Life Now

Feb 15, 2023 | Other Side, Psychic, Psychic Reading

Lessons From the Dead That Can Help You Live a Better Life Now

Do you ever wonder what happens after you leave your human form? Are you curious if deceased loved ones are watching over you? Do you believe your loving ancestors have insights that can help you live a better life now? If you answered yes to any of these questions, keep reading and discover important insights from the dead.

My work as a psychic medium is very diverse. Most of my readings are a mixture of psychic (reading your energy) mixed with mediumship, (connecting with the dead). This past week I had two readings that were specifically mediumship. I decided to do them in person for various reasons.

First Reading

The first reading was really fun. My client had seemingly hundreds of dead people that wanted to say hi. When this happens, I know the person I’m reading for has a gift for staying connected with the unseen. It’s really easy to give these people readings.

In our session, the client’s grandfather was a super star. He was showing how he watched over my client and her family. He also showed us how he can deliver blessings to her.

The day before I gave this reading, I found a penny on the red dirt road that I walk on every single day. In fact, I do many times a day. I picked up the penny and put it in my pocket. Later that day I put it on a counter, knowing it wasn’t for me.

When I sat down to give the reading to my client, I had some oracle cards and the penny between us. Mid reading, I handed the penny to my client, knowing it was from her grandfather. He in fact used to give her pennies.

This Grandfather was able to show how he makes miracles happen for his granddaughter. Our loving ancestors never stop believing in us, or helping us find our true potential.

Second Reading

I was contacted by a man that had very recently lost his wife to cancer. Most of my readings are done over zoom, but something told me I should meet him in person.

His wife came through and shared beautiful messages about their life and love. Even though she had physically suffered at the end of her life she didn’t talk about it. Her messages focused on how everything in life matters. It’s the richness and the diversity in our experience that makes life so valuable.

It’s interesting because she really didn’t show me much about the physical or her physical body, except the way she loved smelling lemons. She was much more cerebral in her communication with me. It was more about the many layers to each life, that as humans we don’t recognize. For example, she and her husband have lived many lifetimes together.

It also felt like everybody with her on the other side were much more than just friends of family from her past. The connections run much deeper through many lifetimes. At the end of each life, they come together to celebrate a job well done!

My client’s wife was experiencing so much joy. Her focus was on exploring and understanding the idea of creation and the Universal energies, our spiritual teachers, and guides.

She also showed me that she and her husband are beginning a new chapter in their life together. She is going to help him from the other side. They must have agreed to this beautiful plan before their incarnation on Earth.

My client has a bright light to shine by helping others find peace. His wife is going to be there with him every step of the way. I’m really excited to see how this unfolds.

Messages From the Other Side

Those on the other side are still aware of the living. The love is just as strong and bright. It is even greater; they love you with more compassion and greatness of soul.

The more aware or evolved we are here, the easier the transition is. When you cross over your deepest beliefs help you settle in. We arrive at a place that is healing and loving in a way we need or expect. I liken it to arriving at a school and finding the perfect class room filled with your friends and loved ones. Eventually we all graduate into the best possible reality.

The dead don’t hold onto their personal struggles. They may come across to a medium in a way that shows their pain or difficult personalities, just so they are recognized. They don’t stay trapped in the pain. It is very common that they show me they want the living to know they are ok. If they have regrets, it’s often wishing they were more loving in this life. For example, the wife that recently crossed over, wished she had helped her husband more with a struggle he had gone through.

On the other side we don’t dwell on our struggles. We see where we could have been more loving, but we also see all the joy!

Suicide victims feel different, only because they radiate the pain of those they left behind. They feel more desperate to let others know they are alright and they often feel like they are grieving their life. This is not for eternity. They will heal with the love from others and come back around.

Those on the other side have different perspectives. Everything is more vibrant. The feelings and the way things are felt are so big and full, humans don’t have the capacity to experience this. Imagine the feeling of love so big, you are blinded by it. There is only love and nothing else. You are the love.

There is an energy that feels like love, grace, joy, and inspiration all rolled into one. This is limitless and available to each of us at all times. On the other side this energy is your constant companion. Imagine plugging yourself into pure source energy as you go about your day.

Those on the other side understand how we are all connected through all times. There is no separation. Imagine being able to comprehend all lives at once. This wisdom understands the pain, love, grief, joy, healing, and evolution of all souls. They understand creation’s ultimate form. They know our potential.

The woman that recently crossed over showed me how she can sit on the beach and reexperience every moment love was shared in her life, at once. She is literally basking in light and love.

Evolution of the Soul

Towards the end of the reading my client shared he had a near death experience years ago. This explains the energy I felt radiating from him. It was almost palpable. He is matching the vibrancy of the Universe with a low hum sound. I have felt it before.

It makes perfect sense to me that long ago, he planned to stay on earth, after his wife’s passing. She will guide his work from the other side. He has all the time needed and everything is in place. He is helping make our world a more compassionate and beautiful place.

I recognize this is a difficult time for this lovely man. He is experiencing grief in a very human way. At the same time, he is connecting to high vibrational energies. This is a huge transformation, and part of his soul’s evolution. It is not a solo journey; his remarkable wife is helping him as are his angels and guides. I know he is in good company.

If you are ready to live a high vibrational life, contact me at pollywirum.com. You can receive an energy shifting reading, or change your life with high vibrational coaching. Wherever you are now, lean into the unseen and say yes to the love they offer.


Channeled Message

It is true that all of your sensory experiences blend into one.

It is also true that you will understand why hardships are endured.

It is also true that when you no longer attach to the hardness of life as your reality shifts.

Even now, you have the ability to rest and recharge in the awareness of creation.

Allow yourself to surrender to those feelings that pull you into a different understanding of life.

Everything is transient, but can be lived again and again. You choose what stays, let the rest fall away.

Touch and breathe in the awareness of the other side.

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