I have been daydreaming about a lovely family vacation in Hawaii with my children and husband. I have also been wanting some easy travel in a hippy van with my husband and dogs. I imagine us sitting outside under the stars. Both sound really good right now! In the past, if I found myself needing a break from daily life, I would plan a trip. Maybe I would go, or I would not, but it was always an option. Currently, the thing I would like to get away from the most will join me wherever I am. The pandemic has created a shadow over the state of mind for many people and places. This is not all bad.

One of the blessings of our global health concern is a reminder of wherever you go, there you are. The only way to escape the feeling of crisis is to get comfortable with who you are and your relationship with everything. You can’t escape you or the Universe!

This outbreak could be the catalyst for us becoming a mindful and evolved species.

We are given the opportunity to closely examine our life. Some people are even deciding how they will change their life when the coast is clear. In isolation, we have plenty of time for meditation and prayer.  There is ample time for deep thoughts to lead the way to clarity. There is always time for conversation, even over the phone, with our loved ones.

There is time to take a step towards what means the most to you.

With the exception of some added frustration and some loss, my personal life has not changed much. I still work from home, I still hike most days and I still talk on the phone with my husband.

When my son Finn and I moved to Arizona, my husband stayed in Alaska. John travels to see us each month. Eventually, my husband will spend equal time working in Alaska and Arizona. All this was balanced, until recently. Currently, if my husband visits us in Arizona, he will have a two week self-quarantined in Alaska. Due to his business he cannot risk the mandatory quarantine. This has led to a very long time of not seeing my husband. He has missed birthdays and other important dates.

To be sure, there are days that I would love to wave a magic wand and have all of my usual freedoms of daily life returned! But if I had to choose one thing that is grabbing my attention and helping me sees the silver lining, it is my marriage. Through this time apart, my husband and I have learned a new way of communicating. We have conversations that are not cluttered with old emotions. We make the time to support each other and we are building dreams together. In part, this is because two of our children are out of the home; however, the real difference is added space has allowed each of us to make peace with ourselves and each other. Our marriage is now functioning in a higher vibration. This change began before the risk of quarantine, but we have been offered an opportunity to look at what we want our personal and collective life to be.

Maybe that is a piece of the beautiful healing taking place. Humanity’s old emotions are being released and we are evolving. This is the perfect time to decide what is most important to you and jump in the vortex of change.

We now are in a very large group project. Each of us has been invited to identify what is most valued in our life. We also have all the tools needed to empower ourselves. We get to focus on our thoughts, actions and hone the art of mindfulness. It doesn’t matter where we are, each of us can connect to a higher state of understanding, and a holy place within.

Here are some practices for transforming your world.

  1. Identify what is most important in your life. This can be several things or one thing.
  2. Create a mindful atmosphere somewhere in your home. A place where you can go and just be with you.
  3. Take purposeful actions towards your goals. In quarantine, it may look like mapping out a step by step plan for when restrictions have been lifted.
  4. Cut out of your life the distractions from what is most important to you. This may be cutting out people, thought patterns and behaviors.  This is truly a perfect time to let old habits and emotions go!
  5. Develop a practice that slows you down and allows you to connect to a higher power. This can be a mantra, prayer, creative visualization, or meditation.
  6. Reach for the understanding that you alone can create a beautiful and rich life.
  7. Don’t marry yourself to disappointment and fear. Know that you can achieve your greatest life yet.

Collectively our hearts and minds feel the loss and uncertainty, but ultimately there is a shelter where we can all heal. I hope you can see some of the really good possibilities waiting for you. I know my future holds a place for my husband and I renewing our vows with our children and friends present. I also know that many good things, that have yet to be thought of, are awaiting every person reading this.

Together, let’s hold the space for humanity and Earth renewing their relationship, and for the revival of humanity, that allows honoring all that is.

Channeled Message

Feel the energies that are helping you find your way to the center of everything you desire. It is here that you are guided to understand what no longer serves you.  It is in the center of everything that allows you to let go and move deeper into the vortex of understanding all that is.

You understand there is no need for attachment.

It becomes easier to let go.

You have a connection with all you see; with all you think and believe. You feel in your heart the brightest love that is fully transparent. This love holds every color and every thought that has brought you closer to God.

You have the ability to see everything, to know everything and feel everything.  This is the change that is allowing the purest love to awaken even the sleepiest of souls.

Good Morning

End Channeled Message


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