Thank you to all who came to my Spring Retreat. Stay tuned for my upcoming fall retreat!

Sedona Spiritual Retreat

Embark on a Journey of Transformation

High Vibrational Retreat in the Enchanting Landscape of Sedona

“This retreat was transforming! I enjoyed the women and all the beautiful activities. I found it shifted so much energy inside me that it brought more clarity to my life.
I loved the messages I received from my Angels and I was relaxed by the sound healing.
Your leadership, love, and ability to connect was impressive and touching. Anyone who wants more peace, joy, freedom, or healing could benefit from this retreat. I highly recommend it!” -Jules

“The overall Sedona weekend was nothing short of amazing for me!! Definitely an experience that left me wanting more.

This particular group of women comprised stellar humans and I felt we could’ve spent the entire weekend together.

You definitely know the law of the land in Sedona and what we did was perfect! Our morning start in the valley was hands down a spiritual experience all of its own.” – Renee

“It was a weekend of connection and awakening. I really enjoyed getting to know the other attendees.  I benefited from the love and compassion that surrounds you and am grateful to be the recipient of your gifts and wisdom.” -CW

“Before I met you, I had heard of angels and guides, just didn’t have any of my own.

The guides and angels I met through your guided meditations in this weekend retreat have blown me away. My life is different now that I know for sure and certain that there are so many people (guides, angels, ancestors) in my life, loving and supporting me. I do not walk alone. Life changing. Thank you.”-TB

The spiritual retreat with Polly in Sedona was incredible! It was so nurturing for my soul.  I left with a great appreciation for the experience and the wonderful people I met. I have no doubt the experience will have a lasting positive impact on my life.  Thank you Polly for creating this wonderful opportunity to enrich our lives. “-TS

Polly is a gifted spiritual mentor. The retreat was the perfect path for spiritual exploration. She was able to provide us with different modalities to connect to the inner self and intuition. The concepts we learned were practical and can be incorporated into your daily regime. “-DS

A retreat with Polly is a gift to the self. It is a rejuvenating experience that reconnects us to who we are and the beauty of the journey we are on. Polly provides guests a safe and comfortable space to heal, discover, and connect. The time spent outdoors is inspiring, and the activities are meaningful and personal. Polly’s meditations, spiritual exercises, and guidance helped me ground, use my intuition, open my awareness, and feel the unconditional love from the other side. I was able to leave feeling relaxed and at peace, with an awakened sense of myself and my purpose. “-HT

“First, I want to tell you how much I enjoyed the retreat. I can express just how much it meant to me. To be able to meet & talk to people who understand me & don’t think I’m crazy is life changing. Everyone I met is truly incredible. I’m so grateful for the experience & am excited to continue learning & growing. 

You truly are such a gift to so many people. Thank you so much for teaching & doing all that you do.

Again I am so grateful to have met you & appreciate the time & effort you put forth to teach & lead us!

Thank you so much!”-MJ

“Thank you so much for a life changing weekend.  

Wow Wow Wow… Thank you so much!”-AB