Signs You Have Cleared Karmic Lessons in Your Soul Contract Relationship

Apr 24, 2024 | Connection, High Vibrational Life, Relationships, Spiritual Growth, Transformation

Signs You Have Cleared Big Karmic Lessons in Your Soul Contract Relationships

Many spiritual teachers and astrologers believe that the Universe has created a super-sized cosmic event that is now assisting each of us in becoming the best version of ourselves. The caveat is we need to trust and learn from this golden opportunity. Keep reading and discover if you are allowing this galactic shift to help you clear karmic lessons while you deepen your soul connections.

Our current universal transformation pushes our personal and collective foundations into new forms. This is changing our thoughts and helping us let go of what we have normalized. We can see different realities and make new choices. It is potentially easier to have healthy and very loving ways of being.

Spiritual growth and karmic healing always call for courage and faith; and it has never been truer than today. We can connect with something that is much greater than the three-dimensional mindset. We also can have clarity in our spiritual path and the souls that we have contracts with.

What is a Soul Contracted Relationship?

Each of us have come into this world agreeing to help others learn certain lessons. For some of us it has been many lifetimes and many different roles that have played while we stumble along learning a lesson.

Look at your life. What is something that you have greatly struggled with? An example might be having difficulty seeing your self-worth. Who in your life challenged your self-worth? Who helped you see your beauty and strength? Both of those relationships are soul contracts.

Some relationships offer the healing and shift in awareness in multiple areas of your life. These relationships might not be easy, but they potentially clear life times of low vibrational energy and trauma.

On a side note, we have some contracts that are part of an event that is life changing. Think of a person that is an organ donor. If their heart is received by another, this is life changing and connected to something much more than this lifetime.

Take a minute and think about all the powerful connections in your life. Have you taken advantage of the growth opportunities?

My Story

Speaking purely on a personal level; the past year or so has offered me huge opportunities for shifting to a higher vibrational life. This required me to let go of some of my creature comforts and embrace the unknown. I can honestly say that having faith in the process and trusting the universe has gifted me with amazing experiences of love and deep soul growth. It has also offered me opportunities to reconsider my life and even grieve what I never fully received.

Relationships are the place we can discover about ourselves, love, and karma. This is true for me. Our youngest child just turned 18 years old. I can still remember all three children when they were much younger and everything was a new adventure. Their innocence mirrored the love of our world.

My children growing older flows in unison with my parents’ health failing. I am looking at both light and shadow simultaneously. There is love found in the relationships with my children, and a sharp absence of love in the relationships with my parents.

I was not raised in love; but there were many gifts in my childhood. I became very connected to the Earth and animals. Like a seed planted in unforgiving conditions, I learned to turn to the light.

There is a gift in recognizing where love radiates and where love is waiting to grow. Experiencing both the light and shadow offer an opportunity for shifting energy with a new understanding of free will. You get to choose where you put your attention.

I have spent countless hours out on desert trails thinking about life, the universe, love, and my relationships. My heart and mind continue to shift and offer new experiences. Just when I think I have figured something out, a new thread of energy comes in, offering questions and healing. I find myself falling into a deeper awareness of my spiritual connections and what I am discovering to be soul contracts.

I just now can fully appreciate the soul connection that my husband and I share. The two of us have been on a journey through many lifetimes and we finally have the insight to move with love, while we support each other through this wild time of transformation. We are helping each other clear stored karmic lessons that have hobbled us in the past. We can raise the vibration of ourselves and other generations.

The connection I have with my husband has endured many challenges and we have had to navigate our life paths, both together and separately. Discovering how to let go and trust during our individual and collective transformation has brought us closer together. I am almost in awe of how much we have grown as individuals and within our soul connection.

Signs You Are Clearing Stored Karma in Your Soul Connected Relationships

Are you beginning to find ease in a relationship that has held pain and frustration? This can be with one person or multiple people with similar behaviors. Think about a theme that runs through multiple generations. You are in a soul contracted relationship that is helping you break through painful patterns.

As one area of your relationship shifts, or begins to heal, another area begins to call for attention. You are healing on many levels within one soul contracted relationship.

You experience spiritual growth and healing because of a soul contract relationship. This is potentially an opportunity for both people to expand. Where have you had spiritual growth? Who was by your side? Maybe it was an Angel or guide; we have contracts with them also.

It might feel like you are moving mountains, but karmic relationships can help shift the energy of deep seeded thoughts, beliefs and patterns and allow healing to occur. What area in your life has had huge changes? What relationships are entwined with this part of your world?

Soul Contract relationships offer far reaching effects; for example, generational healing. This is not one person healing; many people are being touched.

In a Soul Contract relationship, it is possible to experience gratitude for the journey. What relationship has helped you discover the best version of yourself.

Look for a relationship that has peace, regardless of the other person’s mindset. This indicates you have shifted to a higher vibration in your personal growth:)

As you begin to heal your soul contract relationships, life’s distractions fall away and you live a heart centered life.

You have an inner knowing and courage to stay on a path that transforms your soul contract relationships and life.

Wrapping It Up

I do not believe in twin flames or soul mates; but I do believe in soul connections and soul groups that help each other find a higher vibrational way of moving through the world. These people might be our children, family members or even a stranger in a moment of universal connection.

Some of our relationships are joyful and high vibrational; whereas others offer inner work, forgiveness, and self-discovery. They are all important and bring an expansion into our life.

One of the gifts of being a psychic is having the ability to understand why people move the way they do. I can see the different versions of their life, including their pain and of course their highest potential. It is almost like looking in a three-way mirror, because I know the different pieces of who they are. Those segments of energy are a match for somewhere in my soul’s story.

It is when we can find a way of sifting through the heaviness and lower vibrations within a relationship, that all else falls away. I have chronicled part of my journey through my blogs, but left out most of the story. I can say faith and courage have helped me transform my life and have brought a deeper connection with those I love.

If you are seeking a cosmic understanding of your soul connections reach out to me at You can experience a psychic reading or spiritual mentorship. I offer spiritual retreats twice a year and weekly spiritual, intuitive development classes.

Channeled Message

In the moment of letting go of all you know, there is a plummet into a vast emptiness. Here you choose what stops your fall. 

If you have experienced an expansion beyond the three-dimensional knowledge, you find peace. 

If you are struggling with your faith, there will be nothing that calms the heart. Your fear of falling grows of control, spiraling through your mind and ricocheting through your body.

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