High Vibrational Life Coaching and Spiritual Mentoring

Achieve Success and Transform Your Life

One of my greatest passions and areas of expertise is helping people achieve success in transforming their life through high vibrational life coaching and expansive spiritual mentoring.

My unique method uses my psychic abilities, my training as a high vibrational life coach, and my background in nursing. I pull from all of these skills when working as a spiritual mentor.

When we work together I tune into all aspects of you. That includes your role as an individual and on a soul level. We use this information to uncover blocks, potential obstacles, and even fears that keep you from your greatness.

You will rediscover your many strengths and gifts in this life. I will also help you tune into your intuition and develop a spiritual life that includes love, abundance, and ease.

How does High Vibrational Life Coaching and Spiritual Mentoring work?

We will meet regularly and there are different options depending on where you live. We can meet in the privacy and safe space of my office either by Zoom or over the telephone.

After we identify your goals we begin working on understanding your mindset. Do you like what you are manifesting? Through very deep conversations we discover if your life is aligned with your personal truth. Are you living the life that matches your soul’s plan for you?

As you connect to who you really are, it becomes easier to let go of what doesn’t serve you. You will rediscover your personal, intuitive wisdom and of course your soul’s deeper purpose!

Our sessions are filled with honesty, self-awareness, and humor. We focus on developing your ability to attract what you want in your life. You will hone the skill to observe versus react in your day-to-day life. You will also develop healthy practices that bring balance, peace, and self-awareness into your whole life.

I promise you, you will be amazed at the changes that occur when you make this deep commitment to yourself!

If you are ready to commit to your ideal life then I am ready to commit to being your high vibrational life coach and expansive spiritual mentor!

To explore working together, I offer everyone a free 20-minute discovery call to see if we are a good fit. Please email me at Polly@pollywirum.com or call 907-360-1992 to explore coaching together.

At the beginning of each reading, your guides share the message that will have the greatest positive impact on your life. Every reading is unique and can even be part of your wellness plan. Don’t be surprised if a past life is revealed, these are often at the root of behaviors, likes, and dislikes.

Together you and I will explore the messages shared by your guides and angels. Usually, I also pull one or two Oracle cards. Every reading is unique, just as each one of us is unique. I like to leave no stone unturned when sharing messages. And remember, if you have questions, your angels, loved ones, and guides will provide the answers.

Oftentimes a loved one from the other side will come through with a message just for you. It is not unusual for the messages to not make sense to me but make perfect sense to my clients.

spiritual mentor

My readings are done over zoom or phone call in my home office, or sometimes outside in my private cactus garden.

If you happen to be in Arizona, please ask me about this option. I look forward to working with you! Once you complete the payment process, you will be guided to my schedule to plan our time together. You will receive a scheduling link from Polly (Polly@pollywirum.com) within 8 hours of payment.