Ten Signs You Move Through Life Just Like a High Vibrational Psychic

Jul 5, 2023 | High Vibrational Life, Psychic, Spirit Guides, Spirituality

Ten Signs You Move Through Life Just Like High Vibrational Psychic

Do you have extra strong women’s intuition, or some other fired up sixth sense? Do you wonder if you’re crazy when sometimes you just know things? Maybe you want to be clairvoyant and are completely overlooking the other ways your intuition works. This blog is written for everybody that wants proof of their psychic gifts. Keep reading and discover if you share common traits of high vibrational psychics.


I have been teaching psychic classes for a while now. What I know for sure is that everyone receives messages in a way that is unique to them. There is no right or wrong way to connect with the other side, it just requires an open heart. The key is learning to trust your sixth sense abilities.

Heightened Senses

Some people are Clairaudient. For example, one of my students hears songs and other very random things when she does readings for our guests.

Some people are Clairvoyant. Many of my students see amazing imagery, for some it’s like a movie, for others it’s a picture of an object.

Many people are clairsentient and don’t even recognize it. They can feel what is going on in a person’s body and life. This is a very powerful skill. I have several students that are excellent at this. They work in a variety of professional settings, where I’m sure they use this skill everyday without even thinking about it. This tool helps us know the best way to approach and communicate with others.

Clair cognizance is a sense of knowing something, about a person, place, or thing, that would be impossible to have any prior knowledge about. I believe this is also commonly tapped into by people every day. One of my students worked professionally in a therapeutic setting. It is incredibly easy for him to know things about someone. Even though he’s new to the world of psychic classes, he’s been using his Clair cognizance skills for a long time.

Some people get smells, or tastes that are messages from the other side. All of these senses are used in mediumship, when loved ones from the other side reach out to us.

Each of us communicates with Source, the Universe, our Angels and Spirit Guides all the time. We are hardwired to use our intuitive skills in everyday life. It is what we do with the information that matters. We are given these gifts to help us move lovingly through life bringing ease and grace with us.

What I love about my classes is the respect that each person holds for others. Each week I witness beautiful messages being shared with each other and our guests.

Here are ten signs that you use powerful intuitive skills every day without even thinking about it.

Ten Signs You Are Psychic

You go with the flow. A high vibrational psychic doesn’t attempt to control everything. It is easy for you to let go. On some level you have faith and an innate knowing that things will work out. This is connected with Clair cognizance.

You know when to give people space. This might be because you can feel that a person needs time to regroup. Maybe it’s because you don’t feel good around this person. Either way, distance is needed. This is connected with clairsentience.

You follow your gut. This isn’t to say that you don’t make mistakes. It means that more often than not your instincts are correct. This is connected with Clair cognizance.

You can easily see different perspectives in life. You know that not everything is black and white. People’s paths intersect and sometimes even collide together. You can see the big picture, the different views of life. This is connected with Clair cognizance, clairvoyance, and clairsentience.

You understand how people feel. It is easy for you to be compassionate. This is connected with clairsentience.

You know the next move without agonizing over it. It’s almost like the path appears just as you are taking the step. On some level you trust the process. This is connected with Clair cognizance.

It’s easy to imagine different possibilities. You know that nothing is set in stone and we have limitless possibilities of living our life. This is connected with clairsentience and clairvoyance.

You get signs from the universe, angels, guides, and loved ones. You trust some of the funny messages you get, that wouldn’t make sense to others. This is connected with all the psychic abilities.

You feel deeply. When you feel, it touches all of you. This can be wonderful, like falling in love. Other times, it hurts. These feelings are part of your sixth sense. With practice you will learn how to not be swept away when things don’t feel good. This is connected with clairsentience.

Your thoughts go to places beyond this experience. It is easy for your mind to drift to other places. This might feel like meditation or just daydreaming, but you are familiar with places beyond this world. This is connected with all the psychic abilities.

Divinely Guided

I believe the highest vibrational way of moving through life involves all psychic abilities. Making this spiritual and intuitive connection is completely effortless as our hearts open to the loving energy of others.

We go to the place where stories and beliefs have no impact.

We go without our egos. Our decisions and actions are based on love. There is no winning or losing. We live with compassion for each other.

The best managers, partners and parents all have a bit of high vibrational psychic in their daily life. When they are intune, they are divinely guided. Most of them don’t even know how amazing they are. You are included in this group:)

If you are ready to explore your psychic abilities, reach out to me at Pollywirum.com. We can explore life coaching, or you can take a psychic class, you can also be a guest in one of my psychic development classes.



Channeled Message

Opening up to, or rather flowing into the awareness of a peace is possible

Imagine falling into the flow of peace and all else falls away.

Streams of consciousness flow all around us.

Each of us, and even the collective have matches for this energy within us.

Some of us have thoughts that pull us more easily into a lower vibrational stream of energy.

Whereas others have thoughts that pull them into high vibrational energy.

We all have the ability to choose our experiences

We can say that it is magic or psychic, but it simply your divine purpose to create and experience until your heart and mind are aligned with the highest vibrations


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