The Greatest Form of Self Discovery Requires Absolutely Nothing

May 22, 2024 | High Vibrational Life, Self-Discovery, Self-Love, Spiritual Growth

The Greatest Form of Self Discovery Requires Absolutely Nothing

Are you seeking an expanded understanding of yourself and the Universe at large? Have you wondered if there is an easy way to have a spiritual breakthrough and experience a new reality? Keep reading and discover the greatest form of self-discovery that requires absolutely nothing. 

My Experience

Every morning after my prayer and meditation practice, I ask for a message from my guides, angels, or Universe. Sometimes there are just a few words shared, other times the message comes in the form of a movie. With my eyes closed and it is like I am watching a film that is a clue to the mysteries of our universe. 

My morning messages are usually what I think about, as I hike through the woods. I never feel rushed to make sense of the words or images. I like to enjoy the tugging at my thoughts; the possibility of a new concept.   

Three or four days ago, I experienced one of those perspective changing movies after my meditation. I could see the life cycles of trees, plants, animals, and the Earth in general. I saw how the shift in one tiny piece of dirt makes way for a new form to be. I was shown how the development of life can be viewed as slowly unfolding over time, or it can be viewed as a rapid path to death and decay that leads to new forms.   

Our world is continuously changing. We have all heard that change is inevitable and unstoppable. In our formative years we learn of evolution. The cycle of birth and death becomes the framework of our thoughts, beliefs, and actions. 

As I moved through the day, I allowed these images and thoughts to flow like slow moving, shallow water over mossy, colorful rocks. Occasionally, a new thread of awareness would cause a shift in my stream of consciousness. A ripple of expansion would begin. 

Late in the afternoon my view of the world was altered. Sitting in my living room, I lazily gazed through the windows. The Ponderosa trees were reaching up towards the sun and blue sky.  Most of the pines had a couple feet between them and their closest neighbor. The ground was covered with dead grass from last year and sprouting new green growth this year. Occasionally a big pine cone would be released and fall to the ground. 

My attention went to the space far above the ground, in between the trees. One might say in the emptiness, where nothing grows, untouched by evolution. 

It was like a door opened. I was in a portal to understanding a new way of being. 

I sat with this awareness, even though it made me a little dizzy. I had the sensation of being pulled into this crevice that promised me a new reality. 

It is not the first time that I was shown the importance of the energy between forms. Imagine, that what has taken form, is a distraction from who you really are. This is an important concept that I am only beginning to feel and understand. It is bigger than my words suggest. 

Much of humanity is preoccupied with change and how this affects their identity. The idea of mastering intentional manifestation is almost a religion. I totally understand that, and have great fun manifesting my dream life. Yet, I know that there is an awareness, a steady state, that resides in nothingness. Each one of us is beyond the Earthly world of manifestation and is in a state of pure potential. 

Imagine a state of awareness that sees all, is aware of all, and is content in just being. There is no desire to change anything; only a feeling of being peaceful and complete. There is no attachment to what you are seeing. 

There is part of you that is beyond Earthly awareness. 

The next piece of this puzzle is what is beyond the experience of peaceful observation? What is the next realm that is calling humanity to remember and experience. A clue to this question is found in the nothingness between thoughts. 

Our human mind does not register the emptiness, or being void of thought, but our highest awareness mostly resides in emptiness. 

Notice the times when you find yourself beginning a thought, where there was a pause. Who are you, when there is a void of thought. Notice the edges of your thoughts, follow them to emptiness. 

Clear your mind and allow these ideas to flow. Notice what possibilities you have right on the tip of your awareness. 

Five Ways to Clear Your Mind 

Meditation is a great way to let go of our human preoccupations. 

Prayer is a heart opener that allows us to feel safe letting go while we receive love. 

Sleep is one of my favorite ways to reset and shift my perspectives. I know a lot of important spiritual connections and reconnections take place while we rest our body and mind. 

Allowing things to unfold without any personal manipulation is an important part of being set free from the mindset of controlling change. 

Forgiveness or acceptance however it shows up for you makes it possible to not hold on tightly to beliefs that we have. 

All five of the above practices are part of taking your mind to a lazy place. It becomes easier to feel your breath and notice what might be missed in a hurried, preoccupied state. It is here that your guides, angels, and the Universe sit with you. 

Wrapping It Up 

If you are interested in experiencing an awareness free of limitation, sit where you can see trees, cactus, rocks, or other extensions of natural Earth. Begin noticing the space between the forms. Let your lazy mind see the path that appears. 

This path is the flow of energy that holds you in a steady state of connection with all that is.

You may feel like nothing is shifting, but every time you are in the lazy mindset, you are receiving high vibrational, healing energy. 

Please reach out and share your Universal stories or questions by contacting me at You can also call (800 930-2819) this is a very fun radio show that I cohost; Truth Wellness and Psychic Adventures. We air live the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month. Truth Wellness and Psychic Adventures is also a podcast to be enjoyed whenever you want a fun spiritual conversation.

Channeled Message

Take a break from what you have been creating in your mind and just be. 

Just as you clear your lungs with a strong cough, it is important to clear your mind. Let go of the debris (thoughts) that are hindering your connection to pure source energy. 

Just as you can fill your lungs with fresh air, you can experience an awareness that allows pure potential to be received. 

Imagine a strong wind blowing through your mind and every thought that is not tied to a truth is released to the cosmos.

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