Twelve Steps to Thriving in Life as an Empath

Apr 13, 2022 | Energy, Manifesting, Spirituality

Twelve Steps to Thriving in Life as an Empath

Over the years during my work as a psychic and a life coach, I have heard many people blame their life challenges and insecurities on being an empath. News Flash: we are all blessed with empathic abilities. Keep reading and discover twelve practices that will help you thrive when living as an empath.

Our sacred home called Earth, is a vessel for beautiful, sensitive, resilient and abundant energy. Each of us is connected to Gaia energy, in unison with the ever-expansive Universal energy. Our truest self is highly attuned to the energy around us.

One of our greatest lessons on Earth is learning how to manifest and live an inspired life while navigating the sea of energy we co create with. There is no need to be overwhelmed. It is truly a gift to live an empathic life. You get to choose what you interact with and what you create.

Twelve Steps to Thriving as an Empath

1. Create and maintain strong boundaries in your life. This will help you maintain solid energetic boundaries as well. Pay attention to your gut feelings. If something doesn’t feel good, don’t engage.

2. Recognize what you can control and what you can’t. You have the power to control the company you keep, the news you watch and where your thoughts and actions take you.

3. Be discerning with who you spend your time with. Pay attention to the level of fear in your friend group, spiritual teachers and other constants in your life. Fear is not the friend of highly sensitive people. Choose loving and respectful environments and people.

4. Practice clearing your energy. We all walk into situations that are filled with less than loving energy. Take the time to release any of the heaviness you might have picked up. A shower, bath, nap or time outside in nature are some easy ways to release the lower vibration energies.

5. Stay open to receiving messages from the Universe, guides, Angels and your higher self. Many people shut down their ability to receive, because of fear, lack of faith and a heart that needs healing.

6. Trust the messages that you receive. This is huge. As a young child we are more in tune with the flow of the Universe. Children don’t question their feelings. As adults we have been trained to not trust everything that is not part of our logical world. I can promise you; many messages are aligned with miracles and not logic.

7. Be courageous and create a life that is aligned with your heart. When you honor your ability to use your intuitive powers, it is a bold move. Soon you will discover a life that is easier and filled with inspiration. You will desire to learn more and your consciousness will expand. You will find comfort in peace.

8. Regularly communicate with God, your Angels, your Guides and the Universe. Get to know what they feel like. These are some of the most important relationships you will develop in life.

9. Practice grounding techniques every day. This might be hiking, sitting on the ground and meditating. Find what works for you to stay grounded. Lately I have been wearing a black tourmaline necklace and I always spend time outside.

10. Moving your body is key to thriving on Earth. Movement helps release blocks in your physical, spiritual, mental and emotional bodies. This can be a gentle movement practice or more rigorous like running. Massage is also a great way to move energy.

11. Ask your guides and Angels to protect you. The perfect time to do this is when you are doing your grounding practice. After your prayers and meditation, see yourself and your loved ones completely protected.

12. Practice restorative and loving self-care. Slowing down and paying attention to your needs is a must for wellness. This opens your heart, assists in healing and creates a channel for more messages.

Inspired Life as an Empath

Living life intuitively is the only way you can fully enjoy all the universe has to offer. This doesn’t mean that you will work as a psychic; it means you recognize your role in co-creating an inspired, love filled life. Recognize what serves you and walk away from energy that depletes your loving nature.

I hope this blog got you excited to live your life intuitively! If you find yourself wanting to learn more about your psychic abilities contact me at Enjoy a psychic reading with channeled messages, or life coaching with Polly. You can also come as a guest for free to one of my psychic development classes.

Channeled Message

In an instant you will understand how you have created, designed and mastered your entire life. You will no longer suffer with the questions of why, who or how.

You understand your purpose here. You know your role and you become passionate about the company you keep. The unseen is just as important to you, as the seen. Your life is complete. This doesn’t mean it is time to cross over, it means your awareness has shifted into allowing the Universe or Source to work with you.

You are an important part in the evolution of humanity.

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