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Like many energy readers, my life was good. I was married, raising three children, living a very busy life. The days flowed through the school years and the seasons in Alaska, without much pause.

That was until I had a significant health change. My recovery required rest and letting go of my many responsibilities. This life-altering experience held the healing my soul was seeking. Maybe you can relate? Subscribe for videos every Tuesday.

The Greatest Message with Polly Wirum – Interview with Tony Redhouse Native American Sound Healer and Spiritual Coach

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Interview With Ellie Laks: Animal Communicator

Interview With Vikki Reed: Spiritual Artist

Interview With Sara Elise: Transformational Evolutionary Astrologer

How to Access Your Intuition with Guest Terrie Huberman

Doni’s Journey to Creating Spiritual Art to Deepen Our Divine Connection

A fun interview about mystics, peace and possibilities:)

Discover the Art of Receiving and Improve All Your Relationships

Mastering Law of Attraction:

Polly Wirum (Psychic) Interviewing Lisa Kelly (Life Unlimited)

 Kristen Kangas: What happened when I took an Intuitive class with Polly

Discover the Ultimate Love Experience by Creating a Self-Love Ceremony

Five things that Indicate You are Having a Spiritual Transformation

 A Lazy Girl’s Guide To Transforming Your Life

 Feeling Lost? Here’s How to Ask Your Spirit Guides for Help

The Most Important Questions To Ask A Psychic (According To A Psychic And Intuitive Healer)

Interviewed on the Podcast Me and Paranormal you hosted by Ryan Singer.  Discussing the super natural and the Discovery Plus show that Polly was featured in: Alaskan Killer Bigfoot

 How to Create a Life Changing Mantra

What is a stuck mindset and is it affecting you?

Whether it’s grief, loss, loneliness, or a personal quest to have a better life, I am here to help you. Please contact me today. Or email me directly at

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