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Like many energy readers, my life was good. I was married, raising three children, living a very busy life. The days flowed through the school years and the seasons in Alaska, without much pause.

That was until I had a significant health change. My recovery required rest and letting go of my many responsibilities. This life-altering experience held the healing my soul was seeking. Maybe you can relate? Subscribe for videos every Tuesday.

The Greatest Message with Polly Wirum – Interview with Tony Redhouse Native American Sound Healer and Spiritual Coach

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Interview With Ellie Laks: Animal Communicator

Interview With Vikki Reed: Spiritual Artist

Interview With Sara Elise: Transformational Evolutionary Astrologer

How to Access Your Intuition with Guest Terrie Huberman

Doni’s Journey to Creating Spiritual Art to Deepen Our Divine Connection

A fun interview about mystics, peace and possibilities:)

Discover the Art of Receiving and Improve All Your Relationships

Mastering Law of Attraction:

Polly Wirum (Psychic) Interviewing Lisa Kelly (Life Unlimited)

 Kristen Kangas: What happened when I took an Intuitive class with Polly

Discover the Ultimate Love Experience by Creating a Self-Love Ceremony

Five things that Indicate You are Having a Spiritual Transformation

 A Lazy Girl’s Guide To Transforming Your Life

 Feeling Lost? Here’s How to Ask Your Spirit Guides for Help

The Most Important Questions To Ask A Psychic (According To A Psychic And Intuitive Healer)

Interviewed on the Podcast Me and Paranormal you hosted by Ryan Singer.  Discussing the super natural and the Discovery Plus show that Polly was featured in: Alaskan Killer Bigfoot

 How to Create a Life Changing Mantra

What is a stuck mindset and is it affecting you?

10 Signs the Universe is Guiding You to a Better Life

Surprising Ways Connecting With Spirit Will Set Your Life On The Right Path

Discover How to Create Your Dream life as You Let your Complications Go

How Our Loved Ones Communicate With Us After Their Death

Ten Steps to Updating Your Life Story by Changing Your Mindset

Interviewed on Bring On The Woo is hosted by Veronica Irons. Finding a new life on the other side of health crisis: Polly Wirum

What is Wellness and Do We Really Need Healing?

Is There an Age of Enlightenment?

Seven Ways to Protect You and Your Loved One’s From Negative or Dark Energy

Does Parenting Crimp Your Spiritual Development?

Top Eight Practices to Successfully Transform Your Spiritual Life

Discover How to Honor the Light and Shadow Qualities of Your Beautiful and Complex Self

Twelve Steps to Thriving in Life as an Empath

Discover What Playful Energy Is and How it Can Change Your Life

How to Thrive by Living a High Vibrational Life That is Divinely Guided by Your Soul

How Changing the Perspective of Your Past Can Help You Live Better Now

Secrets of a Professional Psychic

The One Karmic Lesson We All Face On the Road To A More Peaceful Life

How to Reclaim the Lost and Unloved Pieces of You

How to Manifest with Magic of the Moon

Is Your Spiritual Platform Heart Centered, Intellectual or Dogmatic?

Does Your Past Life Story Impact Your Life Today?

When the Well of Abundance Runs Dry

The Easiest Way To Transform Relationships Into A Loving Piece Of Your Life Story

The Benefits of Embracing Loss

What is a Natal Chart and What does it mean in Traditional Astrology?

How to Heal While Experiencing Fear and Stress

The Elements of Kindness

Top 13 Signs You Are Experiencing a Shift to Higher Vibrational Energy

How to Tap into the Strength of Your Truth

How to Stay Committed to Your Wellness in the Wake of Challenges

Balancing Elemental Energies

Have You Experienced a Dark Night of the Soul and did it Make You a Better Person?

The Habit of Fear

Discover the Top Ten Ways Your Life Can Improve When You Pull a Daily Tarot Card

Resources for an Inspired Life

Five Sacred Events that Occur in Your Dreams

Creating a Legacy of Peace

How Connecting with the Other Side of the Veil Can Heal You and Others

How To Demystify Evil

How to Release Turbulent and Painful Patterns for Good

Three Reasons To Listen to Your Inner Voice While Living a Magical Life

Discover How Prayer and Astrology are the Perfect Blend to Help You Create a Magical Life

10 Daily Practices You Can Do To Increase Your Intuitive Thinking and Decision Making

How to Manifest Responsibly and With Love

How To Know You Are In A Karmic Relationship That Truly Matters

Has Your Soul Already Chosen How and When You Die?

What Are The Cardinal Signs And What Do They Have In Common?

2023 Is a Powerful Year That Supports Us Each While We Live Our Truth

What is an Animal Communicator and How can they Help You?

What is a past life regression and could one hold exactly what you need to thrive in 2023?

Five Things That Indicate You Are Having a Spiritual Transformation

How to Experience a Silver Lining Vortex When Things Go Awry

How To Shift from Survival to Flourishing by Healing Generational Trauma

Seven Signs You Are Aligned with Your Truest Path

What Are The Ten Cardinal Signs Of A Healthy Spiritual Practice

Lessons From the Dead That Can Help You Live a Better Life Now

Discover the Six Ways Your Relationship with Earth Reveals Your Spiritual Wellness

How To Welcome Success Into Your Life By Creating A Blessing Ceremony

Ten Easy Ways to Clear and Clean Your Energy Field

Where Do Ethics And Spirituality Both Thrive?

Five Easy Ways to Create Balance While Expanding Your Conscious Awareness

How to Overcome and Even Celebrate, When the Twisties Come into Your Life

How To Recognize When You Have Been Connecting with Low Vibrational Energy

How to Thrive in this Intense Energy of Collective Soul Growth

Five Ways to Reconnect with Your Spiritual Team of Guides and Angels

How Deep is Your Faith and Does it Complicate Your Life?

How is Your Human Experience Going?

What are You Manifesting When Your Mind is Intoxicated on Substances or Stress?

Ten Signs You Move Through Life Just Like a High Vibrational Psychic

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