What is an Animal Communicator and How can they Help You?

Mar 3, 2021 | Bi-Weekly Blog

What is an Animal Communicator and How can they Help You?

Are you are an animal lover that wants a little more magic and connection in your life?  Are you looking for someone to deliver some hope, even healing directly to you?  If you answered yes to either of these questions, I have your answer.  Consider booking a session with an Animal Communicator.  Read on to discover what an animal communicator is and how they can help you.

I was honored by having a conversation that left me feeling incredibly grateful for the good people in our world.  I interviewed the very gifted animal communicator, and founder of the Gentle Barn Animal Sanctuary, Ellie Laks.

Ellie openly shared how she emerged from a painful place of sensitivity in her younger years, to successfully founding one of the world’s most recognized animal sanctuaries.

Ellie has been communicating with animals forever.  Recently she began offering private animal readings to individuals like you.

Of course, I wanted to know all about her practice!  I learned before each session, Ellie meditates using Scalar Waves Healing, until she feels clear and balanced.   After the meditation she reaches out telepathically, with an open heart, to your companion.

After a connection is made, images almost like a slide show or short film are shared with her.  It becomes a discovery session all about your pet’s life.  Ellie shares everything your animal friend wants you to know.

She is able to communicate with our companions while they are on Earth, or if they have transitioned to the other side.

The following are some of the messages Ellie has received while communicating with animals.

Do animals want to give advice to their family?

Yes! Our companions see our struggles, gifts and choices.  They do want to offer a fresh perspective to our lives.   Pay attention to your pet’s behavior.

How can we serve our animal friends better?

We can serve our animal friends best by truly making a connection with them and developing a language you both understand.  The next step is listening to them.

Are animals happier if they are working?

Yes, but with a different view of work.  Animal’s idea of work or feeling purposeful is not plowing the field or providing milk.  Some examples of how animals serve, might look like your playful companion. Your trusted friend that always listens to you, is another popular role.   Some animals help us experience a sense of belonging.  Animals are aware of their purpose and the love they share with you.

What are some of the best ways to offer healing to our animal friends?

There are many ways to keep our companions thriving, including great veterinarian care.  Other ways to enhance their wellbeing are with supplements and a healthy diet.  One of the fastest ways to see healing results in your pet, is energy work from a trusted practitioner.

Do animals come into our life for a specific reason?

Yes, just like certain people come into our life for a purpose, so do animals.  Often, they are the catalyst of change.  An example might be the dog that gets you outside and moving your body.   There are even stories of people meeting the love of their life because of an animal experience.

Are some animals easier to connect with then others?

Yes, just like people, some animals are more open to communicating and interacting with others.

Do some animals come into this world designed for a specific role?

Yes, just like people, some animals come in as teachers, as spiritually wise leaders, or even great nurtures.  Ellie Lak’s book, My Gentle Barn,  mentions this concept in detail.

If animals collectively could share one message with humanity what would it be?

There is no death.  We simply change forms and transition into a different awareness or experience.  It is possible to stay connected to loved ones, including animals, after they leave Earth.  The relationships changes, but the love remains.

How can we connect with our pet that has transitioned?

To stay connected with your pet after they transition, continue doing what you loved to do together.  If you enjoyed walks together, go out for a walk and think about them. Look for them in unexpected ways.  Every time you are thinking of your pet, you are sending out the vibration of love, and they feel it.

Do animals have ADHD or other human diagnoses?

Animals do not think of themselves as having different behavior from others.  They are who they are, and they don’t try to change it.  They find their place in the heard or pack that best fits the way they move thru life.

I think this is really an interesting idea.

Maybe the next time I see Ellie, I will ask if animals come into this world to learn certain lessons, like humans.  Intuitively I think they come in as our teachers, and we are the one’s learning the lessons.

I have admired the healing and love shared at The Gentle Barn for years.  Speaking with Ellie affirmed that my respect was not misplaced.  We are so lucky to live in a world that holds space for love and healing that is available to all.  Open your heart and love will find you.

If you are seeking changes in your life that allows joy, love and abundance to be a daily experience, contact me at pollywirum.com.  Discover more about you and your greatness, with spiritual coaching, a psychic reading or experiencing a healing retreat.

The interview with Ellie will be available soon on my website and You Tube Channel

Channeled Message

Imagine having the view point of being separated from others.  You view everyone as different.  You even categorized your life expectations.

You develop a system that feels safe.  It protects you from vulnerability, and this leads you to stop exploring other possibilities.

Every time someone’s actions threaten your view of the world, you pull away even more.

Until something shifts.

You allow the essence of another, into your life and into your heart, in a way that would not have made sense before.

You realize a belonging in everything around you.

You become familiar with the energy of love.

You recognize the connection.

Eventually all else falls away.

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