What Is an Expanded Way of Being and How Do You Get There?

Oct 25, 2023 | Growth, High Vibrational Life, Spiritual Growth, Transformation

What Is an Expanded Way of Being and How Do You Get There?

Have you ever had a day, or possibly a life, where you want more breathing room and less pressure? Do you want time to contemplate the choices you are making? Are you ready to experience life in a way that has a feeling of freedom, and limitless possibilities? Keep reading and discover what an expanded way of being is; and how to experience this deliciousness.

Considering my second Saturn return and all the transformative energy I am dipping my toes into; I feel compelled to change what I share with the world. This feeling has been nudging my thoughts for a bit, but I was unsure what the form would look like.

One idea kept coming up; I want to help people find peace in their life. This was one of my goals when I first started my intuitive life coaching business, almost 15 years ago. Through the years I have added certain practices and moved slightly away from my original intention.

Now I am feeling the desire to streamline my services and just offer what will allow others to experience an expansive way of being while creating a life that holds both inspiration and peace. I want to help others identify what is distracting them from a purposeful life.

Imagine having the ability to choose a high vibrational way of life that keeps you grounded while being aware of your connection to all that is. Imagine feeling your mind connecting with the Universe and creating an experience that is the perfect match with your beliefs and vibrational frequency. This is available to each of us.

To be sure, living an expanded way of life is an inside job; but others can open the door for you. Before I jump into the ways of creating this new way of being, let me share my idea of expansion, nothingness, high vibrational living.

Expanded Self

Expansion of self, is free from the grip of fear. You might feel a ripple of low vibrational energy, but it is easy to dispel. You have an understanding beyond our human experience. It is an awareness that creates a bridge between our human expression and comprehension, to all that is. There is a peaceful gratitude and understanding of this life.

Nothingness is an existence where all else falls away. Just before thought creates form there is nothing. Sometimes when I am hiking or running, each exhale takes me deeper into nothingness. I am void of thought. Periodically I hear my footsteps and breathing from an outside distance.

A High vibrational life is intentional living with inspired thoughts and actions. There is compassion for self and others and occasional bursts of joy. Imagine inspiration, gratitude and peace woven together into a beautiful self-expression.

Things To Note

Peace is found within. It comes from deep inside you and is always part of your being.

Inspiration is our ability to co create and manifest with the universe. Imagine your very being, planning a great adventure with Source.

Gratitude is bringing your awareness to something outside yourself. It is connecting with something beautiful and inspirational that opens up your heart for more.

How to Experience Expansion

Create a daily life with space between daily chores, thoughts, and responsibilities. Provide yourself a buffer system between everything scheduled in your day. If you find yourself rushing from one thing to another; remove some of your activities. Prioritize your self-care activities.

Ground yourself, walk outside, do yoga, or sit on the ground. Create a grounding practice that helps you stay connected to your body and Earth. You are expanding on all levels including the way you communicate with the earth.

Do a little self-discovery; what is your stress level? How often do you check in with yourself and honor your feelings? Learn to prioritize your peace of mind.

What are you doing when time and space fall away? This is important. The feeling of getting lost in the moment is a great way to reset your mind and body.

Where do you feel most satisfied with your life? What is the key ingredient of this area of your daily living? Can you bring some of this energy and feeling into other areas of your life?

What area of your life is the production center for fearful thoughts and behaviors. This is the area that needs to be restructured. Dive deep into your fears and distractions from your best life. Why do you have them? What are they connected to? How can you restructure this part of your life? This may require a therapist, life coach or other professional.

How much of your life do you use controlling tactics? This is a big indicator of where you are not easily receiving love and other high vibrational energy. Do not be surprised if your fears run rampant here.

What life experiences have you imagined just outside of your reach. As you begin releasing your fears and controlling behaviors, it becomes easier to see your dreams come true. They may begin to look different, better than you imagined:)

How would you change your life if you had nothing to lose? This is a really important question! Most of us have something we want changed in our life, and yet we put it off. This blog is an invitation or reminder that now is the time to start making those changes; nobody else can do it for you.

Wrapping It Up

Many people are feeling the pull for big changes in their life, it is as though the primal instincts that remember a more peaceful way of being, are waking up. Are you ready to answer the call of expansion? It might feel a little reckless at first, but it can take you to places you only dreamed of.

On the other side of any challenge; you will be rewarded with an expanded view of who you are and your place in the world. Sometimes these transformations are years in the making and other times, it happens overnight.

At 57 years old I have experienced unbelievable amazing views from up high, I have also been in some dark and tight places. Every high and low has helped anchor my belief in a higher power that watches over my truest self. I also believe that my higher self or soul works hand in hand with the divine; tirelessly guiding me into the expanded version of my true self. It is becoming easier to see the lines blur between the impossible and the possible, for this I am very grateful.

If you are looking for expansion in your life visit my website pollywirum.com. I will be offering expansive life coaching and high vibrational reading to new clients beginning January 2024. In the meantime, free up your calendar and take time for yourself:)


Channeled Message

The human mind is not aware of the vast emptiness, or nothingness that is part of every life experience.

Imagine that every moment is connected to an emptiness that has yet to be filled with form.

Literally every moment is a new experience and thought process.

Just this awareness alone can begin about the shift of your consciousness to allow new possibilities of self-expression into being.

Nothingness is our bridge to experiencing life in the most holy and high vibrational way of being.

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