When the Well of Abundance Runs Dry

Jun 22, 2022 | Abundance, Energy, Spirituality

When the Well of Abundance Runs Dry

If you happen to watch the news or glance at social media, you might experience a tiny quiver of uncertainty every now and again. Do you ever worry about your future? Is there a part of your life where it seems like the well of abundance is running dry? If you answered yes, keep reading and discover eight ways to experience limitless energetic gain in your life.

What is Abundance?

Abundance is an awareness of all the possibilities that are available to each of us. This mindset has a deep faith in something greater than the physical world and logical limitations. Abundance is also believing in miracles and the unseen.

Abundance can be found in all areas of your life. You can have richness in your creativity, love, relationships, spirituality, health, wellness and material possessions. Self-awareness and gratitude are key to experiencing an abundant life.

Abundance is a feeling of being safe and loved. This feeling is hopefully found in all your relationships. This includes the way you love and trust yourself, and the world around you. Abundance is that feeling of calm and joy that helps you move easily thru life without holding onto what has happened or what might happen.

Karma intertwines all your personal relationships with abundance, this helps shape your belief of worthiness. It is here that you get to learn lessons of love, safety, and experience healing. Perhaps the karmic wounds related to abundance are where love and forgiveness are needed most.

My Abundance

In Arizona our temperatures have been over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s too hot for my dog to join me on the trails. I leave a hose trickling in my cactus garden for any thirsty animals that live nearby.

I see coyotes, lynx and javelinas pass by on the path next to the overgrown garden. Several quail families, cottontails and countless other creatures use the desert sanctuary as part of their home. It is not unusual for me to see the bunnies, quail and other animals cooling off in the water, or stretched out in the dirt.

Looking out my windows instantly restores my calm and opens my heart. This is a huge part of my personal abundance.

Last weekend while traveling, someone else made sure water and carrots were always available.

When I returned home my garden was silent. All wildlife was gone. I literally felt an ache in my heart. My material wealth had not changed, but the feeling of abundance and peace in my life took a hit.

I wondered if the coyotes and cottontails’ paths intersected one too many times.

I have been home for a couple days. There has been a break in the temperatures as thunder and rain created a much-needed change. A white winged dove has settled on the ground. Lovebirds are nearby and a cautious bunny is in the garden. My sanctuary is slowly becoming rich with sounds and activity again.

Eight Ways to Reconnect with Abundance

1) Allow abundance to show up unexpectedly in your life. This can be a healing experience. When you are able to let go of controlling how or when abundance shows up in your life, you begin to trust the universe. This is when miracles occur.

2 ) Be truthful with yourself about what you most want. Sometimes the simplest joys in life are what is aligned with your highest vibrational path. Dig deep and bravely answer the question, “what would I want if money was not an issue?”

3) Notice new examples of abundance in your life. Sometimes we get so used to thinking abundance needs to come in a certain form, we close the door to other opportunities. Ideally, we experience a balance of abundance in all areas of our life.

4) Nurture your abundance. This is simply recognizing what brings you peace and joy; and cultivating more of it. For some it might be playing or listening to music, for others it’s experiencing nature. There are limitless ways to experience the joy of abundance.

5) Surrender and trust in a higher power. Sometimes this trust calls for having faith in a bigger picture than what our human self can comprehend. This requires having faith that abundance will show up, regardless of it making sense.

6) Recognize that we co~create our abundance with the universe. We are powerful in creating our life experiences. We choose our thoughts and how we react. We have the ability to experience the flow of abundance unchecked. This is living without fear, while allowing energy to flow freely.

7) Have a daily gratitude practice. Start everyday recognizing your abundance, even if it’s enjoying the memories of easier times.

8) Celebrate every way the Universe supports you. When you feel great, celebrate it! It can be as easy as a great hike, conversation with a friend or a good meal. These are all examples of abundance.

Cultivating Abundance

I recognize that some of what I treasure most doesn’t have a price tag. Observing nature, feeling the rain, wind and sun all make my heart sing. I have much gratitude for the opportunities in my life where nature is the landscape.

With an open heart I am cultivating new relationships with the creatures that live in my area. This afternoon a very young cottontail was stretched out in the dirt, under a cactus, taking a nap. I’m not sure what animals will call my cactus garden home, but I celebrate the peace they share with me.

Reach Out

If you are seeking to replenish abundance somewhere in your world, reach out to me at pollywirum.com. You can get a free reading in my psychic development class, spiritual coaching or you can schedule a psychic reading with me. Most importantly, celebrate the miracle of your awareness now.

Channeled Message

Simply allow your thoughts to meet the sacred flow of our collective journey, where time and space have no value.

Feel the awareness of energy as it fits perfectly into the smooth openings in your heart and mine.

This we have done before.

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