When You Should Not Seek Guidance from a Psychic

Jul 19, 2023 | Psychic, Psychic Reading, Spirit Guides, Spirituality

When You Should Not Seek Guidance from a Psychic

Many of the people reading this have gotten a reading from a psychic or at least thought of getting one. Have you ever wondered if there is a right time, or wrong time to get a reading? Is there anything you need to do before you get the reading? I’m going to answer these questions and most importantly share when you should not spend your money or time on a psychic reading.

A Perfect Example of a Crazy Reading Gone Really Bad

Recently I was contacted late in the day for a semi emergency reading, or just some old-fashioned reassurance. Luckily the person that reached out to me was able to wait a couple days.

Lucy has been with her boyfriend for several years now. She has always assumed they would get married, but enjoys confirmation that he is the right choice. Her love for western astrology has made her wonder if their birth charts are compatible.

For fun she reached out to a friend that follows Vedic astrology. This friend sent the birth information of Lucy and her partner to a well-known Vedic astrologer. As she waited for weeks, her mind spiraled into all the good possibilities as well as the bad possibilities. She almost didn’t want to know the results of their compatibility reading.

Eventually her friend contacted her and shared the info. It wasn’t great; or maybe it was. It’s all perspective after all. She learned that the Vedic astrologer believed they would get married, it would end in a divorce after only a couple years.

This bombshell sent Lucy in quest of a psychic reading, just for clarity. She found herself in a street psychic’s little space. She actually walks past him daily, on her way to work.

He proceeded to tell her that she is cursed and won’t have true love until a generational curse is removed. For 500.00 he can remove the curse and open her heart chakra. He also said that only a psychic can heal damaged chakras.

This whirlwind of craziness led Lucy to call me. A couple of days later she was in one of my groups for free.

How To Prepare for A Reading

Luckily there is not much you need to do before a psychic reading.

Hopefully the person you’re seeing came by recommendation of someone you know and trust.

Stay away from alcohol and other substances for at least 24 hours before your reading.

Working out, moving your body, or even laughing is great preparation for a psychic reading. This raises your vibration, so it’s easier to get a clear reading.

Bring a notebook and pen to take notes. It’s also a great idea to write your questions down before the session, so you don’t forget them

Six Times You Should Not Seek Guidance from a Psychic

When you are in an unstable and vulnerable state of mind do not reach out to a psychic, in particular one you don’t know. It would be better to just talk with friends and do a little processing of your thoughts and feelings. The reading will be challenged because you might not understand the messages and the worst-case scenario is someone can take advantage of your state of mind.

When a psychic begins to talk about curses and how they can remove them, this is a great time to get up and walk out.

If you don’t feel safe and comfortable with them, trust your gut and leave.

If you are a frequent flier and get readings from many psychics waiting for your life to change, take a break. Make changes in your life that will bring about the transformation you want. Maybe get a life coach or a therapist to help you break through some barriers.

Do not seek advice from a Psychic that is more appropriate for a medical provider, therapist, lawyer or some other licensed professional.

Do not seek guidance from any psychic that reaches out directly to you on social media, or some other way. Chances are they are a scam artist trying to impersonate a psychic.

Wrapping it Up

Lucy is smart and very committed to her relationship. It was her limited understanding of astrology that began eating away at the faith in her relationship. Her story is a great reminder to be discerning with who you get readings from and where you put your trust.

It’s also important to remember we have free will to create our life experiences. It’s never a good idea to give your power away to someone claiming they can help you for a sum of money, or predicting a failed marriage, or some other major event. Each of us has the ability to heal ourselves, including karma.

Lastly, be cautious taking a spiritual or psychic message second hand. Many things can be lost in translation. It is important to be able to get all the details and ask questions. Having open dialogue with an astrologist or psychic is a much different experience than a one-sided short conversation through the mail or another person.

If you are interested in developing your own psychic skills, reach out to me at Pollywirum.com. I have small group coaching and psychic classes where you can learn your best way of receiving messages.


Channeled Message

People can have the same life experience, but it can be vastly different, all because of the vibrational frequency of our thoughts.

A high vibrational mindset aligned with faith, and the wisdom of self, is where we collectively and individually discover all that is.

Create with purpose, joy, curiosity, and inspiration; and when you need more, simply turn inward.


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