Beginning Psychic Development

This class is for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of spirituality and closer connection to your guides and angels and Universe.


Where:  This class will be held on zoom.  Each class will begin with forming a sacred circle of connection with Universal Energy,  students, guides, angels and loving ancestors.

All levels are welcome, but I am seeking people who have always wondered,  “How psychic am I?” 

Each class will offer a meditation that helps you open up and receive messages easily.

During this class:

  • You will discover what your energy feels like. 
  • You will be able to read other people’s energy. 
  • You will discover your strongest psychic ability and how to help it grow.
  • You will meet like minded people.
  • You will discover how you best receive messages from the Universe. 
  • You will discover beautiful ceremonies to open and close each reading or meditation.
  • You will discover ways you can use your psychic abilities in everyday life, or if you want to continue developing your skills.

Part of each class will be recorded.  For confidentiality reasons we will not record all of each class.  

Whether it’s grief, loss, loneliness, or a personal quest to have a better life, I am here to help you. Please contact me today. Or email me directly at

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Disclamer: Please note that all services are not to be in place of medical or other professional services.

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