Spiritual Retreats

Immersive spiritual retreat filled with intuitive workshops.

Do you want to develop your psychic abilities, deepen your spiritual connection and begin a life transformation in one life affirming weekend?

Why a retreat? 

I decided to offer retreats as part of the foundation of my transformational work. The opportunity to take part in an immersive spiritual experience is like nothing else to bring you to a place of healing, awareness, and deep connection to who you really are.

The collective energy of the group makes it easy to expand in all areas of your thinking; including your intuitive abilities. The workshops are designed to support your discovery of how you best receive messages from your guides, angels and the universe.

You will surprise yourself in so many ways; including your ability to tap into your intuitive gifts!

One of the greatest gifts of this awesome experience is the connection you will make to pure love energy.  Once you have felt this healing energy, there is no going back. You will be able to experience this deep healing at home, or wherever you are.

You will leave with a rejuvenation of spirit and a deep connection to All That Is.

I design the workshops and content of every retreat based on who is showing up.  My goal is for everyone to experience something profound.  I allow the energy of the collective group to guide me as I plan our weekend.

Expect your world and spiritual home to include more love, more joy, and more compassion.

Are you ready to say yes!!

Together we will explore energy work, miracles, mediumship, channeling and so much more!

WHERE: Homer, Alaska

WHEN: Coming soon, June 2022

Testimonials From Past Retreats

It was a weekend of connection and awakening. I really enjoyed getting to know the other attendees.  I benefited from the love and compassion that surrounds you and am grateful to be the recipient of your gifts and wisdom.


So grateful for an inspiring and uplifting weekend together!


The spiritual retreat with Polly in Sedona was incredible! It was so nurturing for my soul.  I left with a great appreciation for the experience and the wonderful people I met. I have no doubt the experience will have a lasting positive impact on my life.  Thank you Polly for creating this wonderful opportunity to enrich our lives. 


Thank you so much for a life changing weekend.  

Wow Wow Wow… Thank you so much!


Before I met you, I had heard of angels and guides, just didn’t have any of my own.  

The guides and angels I met through your guided meditations in this weekend retreat have blown me away. My life is different now that I know for sure and certain that there are so many people (guides, angels, ancestors) in my life, loving and supporting me. I do not walk alone. Life changing. Thank you. 


Polly is a gifted spiritual mentor. The retreat was the perfect path for spiritual exploration. She was able to provide us with different modalities to connect to the inner self and intuition. The concepts we learned were practical and can be incorporated into your daily regime. 


A retreat with Polly is a gift to the self. It is a rejuvenating experience that reconnects us to who we are and the beauty of the journey we are on. Polly provides guests a safe and comfortable space to heal, discover, and connect. The time spent outdoors is inspiring, and the activities are meaningful and personal. Polly’s meditations, spiritual exercises, and guidance helped me ground, use my intuition, open my awareness, and feel the unconditional love from the other side. I was able to leave feeling relaxed and at peace, with an awakened sense of myself and my purpose.


I like your flow and trusting attitude, it was not confined or rushed or lagging.  I felt no pressure and lots of support. Taking time away in beautiful surroundings with a like-minded, open group and supportive and gifted leaders was just what I needed.  The retreat filled with meditations, drumming, healing energy work, light hearted people, crystals, oils, cards, and movement helped me forgive and heal a relationship with my dad and encouraged me to take action. I have found different ways to connect to myself and to source that have deepened my spiritual practice and joy.  I’m so glad I had this opportunity.



First, I want to tell you how much I enjoyed the retreat. I can express just how much it meant to me. To be able to meet & talk to people who understand me & don’t think I’m crazy is life changing. Everyone I met is truly incredible. I’m so grateful for the experience & am excited to continue learning & growing. 

You truly are such a gift to so many people. Thank you so much for teaching & doing all that you do.

Again I am so grateful to have met you & appreciate the time & effort you put forth to teach & lead us!

Thank you so much!


Whether it’s grief, loss, loneliness, or a personal quest to have a better life, I am here to help you. Please contact me today. Or email me directly at polly@pollywirum.com

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