Welcome to the Energy of the Week for October 23, 2022

So you are on your journey charging full speed ahead.. you have all the tools you need .. and then in one moment you pause and question your tools and even plan for life. This week is key for each of us to honor our personal story and journey. Have we taken on the energy or story of someone else .. are we choosing a path that has difficult crossings? It’s all perspective, but you will be given the opportunity to see what your life could be if you make different choices .. it’s kind of a peek into the future. Think of this week like seeing an ultrasound image of a possible future .. it’s a little blurry .. it’s not all the formed .. but the choices you make now are predictive of the probable outcome ❤️.. nurture yourself and your future .. check and see if your practices and tools are aligned with the future that is taking shape.. how are you protecting this beautiful future self? Enjoy the nourishment and nurturing that your future and u deserve🙏.. PS your tools might be your education, behaviors, beliefs .. anything that you use to thrive in this world 🌍