Ten Things Energy Work, Prayer, and Casting Spells Have in Common and How They Can Improve Your Life

Sep 13, 2023 | Energy, Healing, Spiritual Growth, Spirituality, Transformation

Ten Things Energy Work, Prayer, and Casting Spells Have in Common and How They Can Improve Your Life

Practicing self-care that is intertwined with spiritually can bring great peace and lovely transformations into your life. There are many beautiful and even powerful spiritual experiences, is one better than another? This blog is written for you if you have ever been curious about the benefits or even safety of using energy work, prayer, or casting spells in your daily life.

Let’s first look at the ten things they have in common:

Energy healing, prayer and spell work have all been used since ancient times.

All three can bring comfort, and have faith in our ability to connect with a higher power.

They all work mysteriously in other realms. We can experience the results, but how it comes to be, remains a mystery.

All three can be practiced with ritualistic practices such as sage, rosary beads, malas, or even crystals.

They are often held in ceremonies such as, full moon rituals, baptisms, funerals, and reiki shares.

All three require deliberate, intentional practice.

They all can be used for healing self, another, or a collective healing.

They can all be practiced by one person or a collective with an infinite number of people.

All three can be practiced in silence or loudly shared with the world.

All three can be practiced anywhere at any time.

An Example of Healing

A friend of mine has a child that was suffering from nightmares and some physical pain as well. This was a result of a traumatic accident in his life. As a parent it was tremendously difficult watching her son suffer.

Katie has a very healthy spiritual practice and prayed for him daily. In fact, many distant family members were praying for her son to have speedy recovery. Practicing prayer remotely is not unusual.

While the prayer offered a tool for family members to use, my friend wanted to do more. She learned of an energy healer that would also work remotely. Much like the prayers that were already being used, it didn’t disrupt her son’s life.

The energy healer was able to psychically see where the energetic trauma was blocking her son’s vital energy flow. The first session resulted in relieving the nightmares. The following two sessions brought more ease into her son’s body.

In addition to prayers and energy work my friend created a spell for her son’s ultimate healing. This spell happened to be written under the magic of a new moon. She lit sage and wrote out all her fears she was holding in her heart, related to her son’s recovery. Those fears were burned in a fire. She then felt free enough to craft the following spell.

In the stillness of tonight, I touch the powerful Earth and remember the warmth of the sun. I breathe in deeply and connect with the magic of the moon as health is restored and trauma is released for all those that I love. Together we celebrate love and wellness through this life and eternity.

Katie’s son is thriving today. She believes that prayers, energy healing and her spell worked in unison to heal him. She may never know what ultimately pulled him out of traumas’ painful energy.

What is Prayer:

A prayer is thought to be a message of gratitude or request for help. It is a direct communication between a Higher Power and those praying. Some believe there are angels that help safely deliver the prayers to God.

My practice includes a prayer of gratitude daily, but also affirmative prayers. I also send prayers of peace and compassion daily to my family, clients, and the world at large.

What is Energy Work:

I view energy work as allowing the Universe or God, Higher Power to help shift the energy that we carry in our thoughts, relationships, and bodies. This energy can be acute from a recent traumatic experience. This energy block might be chronic, deeply rooted in your subconscious mind, passed on through generations. I believe trauma is related to karma, thankfully it can be cleared up in an instant, a miracle.

One of my favorite ways of working with energy is so simple, I practice it daily. I visualize my body releasing trauma and connecting to the highest vibrations. I also see myself easily receiving the nutrients in my food and the abundance of the Universe. This is always in unison with gratitude for all that I receive.

What Is Spell Casting:

I practice fun spells intended to share light with the world. My favorite place is outside at night in my rock garden. I have a designated space for moon circles. My favorite crystals are present, as I release fears into a fire. During the full moon I seek answers, in the new moon, I cast my dreams out to the universe.

Spell Written Outside, Under the Full Moon

I thank Mother Earth for holding me steady and I am guided by the night stars and the wisdom of my soul.

The mountains call my name as the moon’s light illuminates my purpose.

My energy shifts and begins to flow like the rivers.

My emotions soften as great quakes of fear and trauma are released from my body and mind.

I am healed in all ways.

I feel, see, and hear all that is needed to live a loving and expansive life.

I share this peace and compassion in all times, all directions, all ways.

Weaving Together

I love weaving in the practice of spells, prayers, and energy healing into my daily life. They all meld together and create a beautiful peaceful canopy to live within. Each are high vibrational joyful practices.

What ultimately makes prayer, energy work or spell casting successful, is the healing and loving intention behind it. As you manifest miracles in your world, play with all the ways you can connect with our infinitely loving universe.

If you are ready to cast loving spells, experience healing and prayers in a new light, reach out to me at Pollywirum.com. I love knowing that everyone reading this is open to magic, healing and beautiful transformations in their world.

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