Who Are Your Most Intimate Energetic Partners In Life; And Do You Need To Change Them?

Jul 3, 2024 | Energy, High Vibrational Life, Relationships

Who Are Your Most Intimate Energetic Partners In Life; And Do You Need To Change Them?

What is the first thing you think about in the morning? Where does your mind go as you drift off to sleep? Do you feel happy and compassionate, frustrated or maybe a mixture of all feelings and emotions. Your feelings, thoughts, beliefs and even practices are your constant energetic companions. This blog is written to remind you of your power to choose your most intimate partners in life; your thoughts, beliefs and practices. 

On a recent morning, after my prayer and meditation, for some unexplained reason I became very aware of the gratitude I hold for my writing practice. I love the process of writing. I feel the energy of the words, as I think about life and all of our possibilities. 

Writing has helped me move through challenges and even reminds me to celebrate my accomplishments. I feel closer to God when I’m in this zone. Words, thoughts, ideas and feelings just stream through me, surrounding me and lifting me up to a higher perspective. 

I have been writing regularly for close to 15 years. It began with channeled messages going into notebooks. This evolved into bi-weekly blogs that are often found on the internet and I’m also a contributor to a magazine. 

How in the world did I get here? I was a high school dropout before I was 16 years old. The beliefs that others had of me, influenced my behavior. My thoughts, beliefs and life practices had to evolve before they reflected the spiritual connection and peace that was always part of me. 

The Fluid Pieces of You

Your thoughts and beliefs are always with you. They energetically flow in and around you, eventually taking form in your world. Everything around you is a reflection of your thoughts and beliefs, including the people in your. 

Peaceful nature, crazy freeways or chaotic work environments are all reflective of your thoughts and beliefs about life. 

Having accountability and awareness of your thoughts and beliefs is the first step to creating loving, inspired companions in your life. Is there something you would like to change in your life? If you answered, “ yes”, take a look at who your constant companions are. 

Who Are Your Constant Companions?


What are the thoughts that frequently flow through your mind? Are the majority of them satisfied, even excited with your life and all that is offered? It’s normal to have a variation of high vibrational and low vibrational thoughts about your world, but if you find yourself struggling to find positive and loving thoughts, it’s time for a change. 


Explore your habits. Do you participate in habits, knowing they are not good for you? This could be substance abuse or a million other ways of telling the Universe and even yourself, that you are not well and thriving or deserving of love. 


The beliefs you have about yourself can be found in self talk or even the conversations you have with other people. Do you find yourself continually talking about problems, or are you able to see good and positive things in our world? 


Your practices absolutely reflect your inner world; so what exactly do your daily actions look like? Do you take time for prayer or meditation and other forms of self care? Do you take time for other forms of wellness and healthy connections? This could be lovingly preparing food for you and your loved ones, gardening, or taking your dog for a walk. 

If your practices lean towards, using substances to wind down at the end of the day, or having conversations that complain about the world at large, something needs to change if you want loving companions in your life. 


Look at the people in your life. Do you have any friendships or other relationships that only frustrate you and need to change? Are you treated with love and respect?  

The Choice Is Yours 

One of our greatest gifts is our ability to choose. Some of these choices might have occurred prior to our first breath, when we were planning this life. After that we are choosing all day long. We choose life or death and everything in between. 

What are you choosing? 

Wrapping It Up 

If you are not happy with your constant companions but it feels daunting to change your thoughts and beliefs; try working backwards. Change your daily practices.  Start by adding some self care and wellness routines. Spend more time in nature and try meditation or prayer. 

Have fun developing a practice that shifts your thoughts and beliefs into a higher vibrational flow. Get ready for more ease, abundance and love in your world. 

If you are seeking love, abundance, ease or clarity in your life, reach out to me at pollywirum.com. We can explore different ways of working together. Wherever you are in life choose a practice that promotes your most magnificent ways of being. Have fun and thank you for reading.

Guided Spiritual Message

Imagine sitting on the ground, feeling completely supported and connected by the Earth’s energy. Notice how you can tap into the magic of the universe. It’s like you have a never ending supply of golden energy that flows all around you. 

Imagine dipping your fingers into the well of energy and then see your hands dance through the air. Watch the sparks of inspiration fly. 

This is you everyday. Fully supported by the Earth and the Universe. Using your magic to create inspiration. Falling in love with your ability to create and choose what you behold.

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