2023 Is a Powerful Year That Supports Us Each While We Live Our Truth

Dec 21, 2022 | Change, Energy, Truth

2023 Is a Powerful Year That Supports Us Each While We Live Our Truth

We are collectively letting go of 2022. Some of us have memories that we will cherish forever. Other people can’t wait to close the door on a year that held difficult experiences. Most of us have a mix of emotions and experiences to reflect on. We are in a cluster of years that are helping us remember who we are beyond our human self.

2023 is a powerful year that will support each while we live our truth. We are being offered guidance to get us back on track so we may embody our highest potential.

The Energy of 2023 is magical in the sense that it will help us realize our dreams and live our truth.

It becomes easier than ever to experience a real sense of purpose. This all happens if you are making choices that are aligned with your highest potential.

For those of us that have difficulty remembering how to receive love it can be tough. What appears as a challenge is really just the beginning of a healing. Expect shake ups to occur in your life where you need love most. Our lives will be redesigned until love flows freely. The more you resist change, the longer the struggle lasts.

Surrendering to the magic of 2023 is the fast track to living an inspired life. The prevailing energy is teaching us to let go and trust. Fighting the changes that are sure to occur will bring you back to the feelings found in 2020.

I’m not predicting a massive shut down of systems. I’m saying that each of us who resists change will experience some of those feelings of fear, isolation and grief. Trust that there is an easier way to move through life, and you will experience grace.

What do the Oracle Cards Say?

Our Collective Past…

We made advancements in breaking down walls, reshaping beliefs in our world at large. We allowed ourselves to discover new ways of being. We are beginning to move through the world a little differently. Growing pains are felt as all try to find a new footing and a place to view the world.

Our Collective Present…

We recognize change is occurring. It is a time for inner courage and strength. This is not a call for force and brutality, but the gentle strength found within. There is no going back to living and acting like it’s 2019. We get to decide what we want our work, home and relationships to look like.

Our Collective Future…

Memories of the past push us to be better. Sometimes we will slip into fear; here we find our faith that allows us to fully see our potential and create a brilliant life experience. Our collective future is both individual growth and a massive collective shift. We are ready for this transformation.

Guidance Through The Year

January: Queen of Cups is offering the energy of stability, support, abundance, even opulence. Emotions are flowing nearby, but not running wild. At some point noticing the emotions will become important this month.

February: Two of Pentacles is offering the energy of a carefree and even happy month. At some point a decision will need to be made. This will begin a cascade of changes. Notice where messages, travel and turbulence are found.

March: Page of Swords offers the energy of flexibility, quickness and strength. The ground you stand on has many layers of truth to it. Pick your battles wisely and look for messages from beyond.

April: Four of Swords is offering a month to allow yourself a pause. You may need to step back from the strife in your life. Things need to settle before you find your new normal. This is a month to turn inward.

May: Three of Pentacles offers you energy to hone your craft. This may look like training or seeking a new career. It could also be forward advancement in your current job. Wherever you are, your skill set is supported.

June: Five of Cups offers you the energy of noticing not all is lost. Perhaps there has been a hit to your life plan, but you have a bridge to safety. Lift your eyes and celebrate what you do have and gladly walk away from the mess.

July: Knight of Swords shows us action, skill, bravery. We are being reminded that it is possible to show your strength in kind and gentle ways. There will be a call for flexibility and not reacting. Breathe through it. It’s also not a battle to be won in one day. Perhaps it’s not a battle at all. Calm your mind.

August: Queen of Pentacles brings us the much-appreciated feeling of security, abundance and beauty. This may be the breakthrough month of you receiving love, light and abundance. I can’t wait to see how you share it with the world.

September: The World is offering us balance, success and a new vantage point for life. Imagine you have been gifted with a portal that is perfect for you to discover your dreams and see your true potential.

October: Page of Pentacles offers you new rules to live by. This may come in the form of legal documents or an opportunity to explore or study something faraway or completely new.

November: Six of Cups is offering a beautiful, gentle energy to enter your life. There is kindness, generosity, beauty and even playfulness in this month. Live your life in a way that you feel loved and celebrated. Expect to be nourished in all levels.

December: Temperance is holding us in arms of balanced energy. We are safely dipping our toes in a new reality, while staying safely grounded. There is a clear path to your success and dreams, you only need to turn around. This card reminds us to celebrate, even honor how far we have come. We have finally realized that we had everything all along. There is no need to rush. Enjoy the feeling of fulfillment.

Blessing or Crown of the year: Four of Wands reminds us we can move through this year in a way that is harmonious with peace. Our successes can be victories not just for ourselves, but others also. You will cross over many thresholds, but never alone.

In 2023 your life will be transformed by love if you say, “yes” to your dreams. Taking baby steps will create beautiful waves of change in all areas of your life. If you are experiencing blocks to your dreams, look for what fears you can release.

If you are seeking messages from your angels and guides contact me at pollywirum.com. We can look at what your specific year ahead is offering you and changes you can make as you create an amazing life one day at a time.


Channeled Message

There is a current, a river, an ocean, continually moving.

This is the stream of consciousness that touches and shapes your heart, soul and mind.

It is the magic of creation that touches each of us.

This stream continues to expand; time and space hold no value.

All that is not truth washes away.

The ultimate experience is surrendering to the flow, so we may see.

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