Has Your Soul Already Chosen How and When You Die?

Dec 7, 2022 | Death, Other Side, Spirituality

Has Your Soul Already Chosen How and When You Die?

In the spiritual world there is much talk of the freedom we each have to make personal choices. Are you curious where your free will begins and when it ends? Do you think it comes into play with really big things like birth and death? Have you ever wondered if your soul has already chosen when and how you are going to die?

A friend of mine has lost two people close to her in the past few months. The passing’s were very different circumstances, yet the men shared some similar life choices. It’s the lifestyle that she is outgrowing.

She is ready to meet healthier people. Was it just some crazy cosmic plan that allowed her to meet these men and when she learned her lessons, they would disappear?

I’m not sure, but I do believe both of these men helped her recognize she deserves wellness in her life.

The Big Picture Events Decided Before Your Birth

Many believe that on some level we choose when and how we are going to die. I believe our final exit choice comes down to what our main goal or life lesson is. When we have done our best, said our piece, we are free to move on. On some level, each of us knows potential scenarios for our crossing. We will choose what is most aligned with love and our promises made before our birth and how we lived our life.

What lessons did you come here to learn? You, and with some universal guidance, decided your life focus or karma, before you began this life. The choices you make now, determine if it’s an easy lesson or painful experience. Ultimately our mindset, which is also predetermined, is a big part of learning to live with ease and grace. We evolve through the choices we make today.

Many believe we choose our parents and family before we are born. This is where we learn some of our biggest lessons and get shaped before we set off as an adult. We choose to support each other on our common goal of experiencing love in many scenarios.

Your God given talents and potential weaknesses are predetermined. You might be an amazing artist, but the choices you make determine what is realized. I often think about people that have the potential to be amazing athletes or scholars, but never say yes to the opportunities that would open those doors.

Just as we choose our family, our children choose us. We choose the lessons that a certain lineage offers, as well as a generation.

You have significant friends and people in your life that agreed to help you discover your potential and truth. You are also in their life supporting their journey.

You knew your angels before you came to Earth. On some level each of us is deeply connected to them through eternity.

You knew your spirit guides before you started this life. This is also an eternal connection. Some part of you is aware of all of the beautiful cosmic connections that make up who you are.

Even with all these things set in place for us, our daily choices help us reach our potential, or not. We are supported in many ways that allow us to remember our truth and where we come from.

Finishing Touches

For six weeks my friend had been spending every Sunday afternoon with the man who died last week. They had been friends for 15 years. Did he choose to die at this time, because they were in a good place? Had he said everything he wanted to? I like to think so.

We do come into this life to help each other in powerful ways. I love that we have promised to be there for each other long before we took our first breath in this world.

Some of our hardest lessons in life are when we lose someone we so deeply care for. I know that even though our friends and loved one’s have left their human form, they are still with us holding our hand and helping us navigate the toughest times in life.

I have faith in the beautiful design of our Universe. As random and complicated as it may seem, I know there’s a plan that helps us keep our promises to ourselves and others, that were made in a timeless experience of light and love.

I imagine there is a collection of great awareness that holds the answers to all we seek. That is where each of us is from. We hold that energy within us and it is the light that brings us home. Collectively we add to this love and awareness with each life lived.

When I step back from my day-to-day life and really honor all the magical parts of our world, I can’t help but be grateful for our time here and beyond.

If you are curious about your purpose, angels or spirit guides, reach out to me at Pollywirum.com. You can get a reading or discover ways to communicate with your angels and guides. Enjoy this life experience and trust you have everything you need to be the best version of yourself.


Channeled Message

Imagine standing on a beach. At first you believe you are alone, but then the fog begins to shift, thin and disappear. Now you can see the many loved ones that have been there all along. There are other beings there that trigger a memory of connection and love.

You begin to feel.

You watch your loved ones, and those that you know, begin to walk into the ocean. They seem fearless. Soon you can’t see them, they have merged with the flow.

You feel their energy calling to you. The pull becomes so strong, you drop everything you believed and move into the water.

Soon you are in light, you clearly know who you are and how you came to be.

You are complete, loved, even honored in all ways.

Our connection to all that is can’t be broken, we are that.

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