Discover How to Create Your Dream life as You Let your Complications Go

Feb 2, 2022 | Creating Dreams, Energy, Manifesting

Discover How to Create Your Dream life as You Let your Complications Go

Everything in both your world, and my world has been designed by our thoughts, actions and core beliefs. Based on that principle, liberation occurs, when we as individuals recognize our power and actively create our life experiences. Keep reading and discover how to generate your dreams as you let go of a complicated life.

Periodically I like to do an inventory on my life and gain clarity on everything I have manifested and created. Some things in my life are delicious; other things have reached their expiration date. Now is the perfect time for each of us to shift our energy and attention to our dreams.

What is the difference between manifesting and creating?

MANIFESTING is magical and effortless. We are constantly manifesting versions of our life simply by casting out to the Universe our thoughts and beliefs. The higher vibration your thoughts and feelings are, the higher vibration your life is. Everything in your world is a match with you somewhere, on an energetic level.

You are composed of at least six energetic levels, in addition to your physical body, that hold vibrational matches to Universal energies.

It’s important to remember that we have energetic matches that have yet to show up in our physical world. These matches are being woven together by the Universe and will show up when it is best aligned with our life path.

Energy is continually shifting and evolving. This is why you can always change what shows up in your life, by changing your thoughts and actions.

You may wonder about Karma and other predestined life events. Generational trauma is a great example to see how karma or life lessons can show up because of our thoughts. Family structures and belief systems hold the energy of those that came before us. We easily manifest the feelings and lives we were raised in. Luckily, we have free will that allows us to choose how we react, and therefore potentially shift the energy we inherited.

CREATING is the hustle and action steps we take when co-creating with the Universe. The more inspired we feel while creating, the higher vibration our life will be. Inspiration is one way the Universe communicates with us, even on the other side of the veil.

The most important part of the creative experience is that you feel inspired while experiencing other rich feelings; such as abundance, nourishment, joy, adventurousness, love and compassion.

Both manifesting and creating are enjoyed in a fulfilled and uncomplicated life. The greater ease, the more you are aligned with your truth.

Tips to Gain Clarity on What You are Actively Manifesting

Whatever area you are seeking the greatest shift in, take a moment to determine how you are approaching the situation. For example, if it is a relationship that is needing a shift in energy, explore your perspective.

First look at what’s working and have gratitude for that. Next, pay attention to who you are creating with. Are you taking similar action steps, or are you going opposite directions with your desires? This is a great way to determine if something or someone is a good fit for you.

Look at all the pieces in your life; friends, lifestyle, career and habits, determine what is aligned with your inspired thoughts and actions. Is there anyone that you have been co-creating with, that is not in step with your dreams?

Be brave and let go of what complicates your life; sometimes this is just changing your mindset on the role someone or something has in your life.

The recent pandemic has brought us many opportunities to explore what is most important in our individual lives. We only needed to look past the fear to see how some of our perspectives have shifted to a healthier mindset. Many people recognized they wanted a more balanced life. This has shown up in our job market today. Focusing on a balanced life can help release the distraction of fear.

Simple Daily Practices to Help You Manifest and Create Your Dreams:

  • Stay grounded by getting outside and connecting with the Earth. This can be achieved by a simple walk or gardening, whatever fits in your life.
  • Recognize daily the abundance in our world and your life. Have gratitude for what the Earth shares with us and the abundance of the Universe. Experience gratitude beyond material resources. We have sunlight, trees, and many more naturally occurring things. Allow yourself to remember a time when you felt especially secure and abundant in your life. Enjoy these feelings.
  • Enjoy creating with intentional self-expression. Allow all the good feelings to flow during this experience. It can be as simple as singing in your car, or painting a masterpiece. We express ourselves all day long. Adding intentional expression of joy and other feelings will truly change your life.
  • Stay aware of your empowered self. Take action steps that are aligned with your dreams. Some of these will be big like changing careers, others might be small like writing your goals down. Every action step matters. Remember you are the master of your universe. Magic and miracles are part of your tool kit.
  • Live with an open heart. Pay attention to how you allow energy to flow into your life. Practice living in a way that is not controlling, let go of expectations. This is hugely important; this mindset allows you to receive the abundance of the Universe. Create with joy, not with the main focus being the important; final outcome.
  • Practice speaking your truth. This doesn’t mean arguing with those of opposite views. It can be much more subtle. It is the way you communicate with yourself and the Universe. Pay attention to your feelings. Communicate in a way that feels good to you.
  • Connect with your angels and guides daily. Let them know you are grateful for their messages and ask for their guidance. This can be part of your meditation and prayer practice.
  • Tap into the Universal flow of abundance through prayer and meditation daily. Both of these will help you stay in a place of gratitude while receiving with an open heart.
  • Stay playful and curious about your soul’s design. Let yourself imagine all the beautiful and fun ways abundance and love can show up in your life.

These practices may seem like a large commitment of time, but I assure you that the results are well worth the effort. You will find yourself moving in the direction of gratitude and grace, leaving worry and fear behind.

Focus on What is Working

One last hint about how to successfully create your dream life, focus on what’s working. For example, if there is a social injustice that is weighing heavy on your heart, take action steps to stop the suffering and then close the door. Think about the steps you took, the good you have done, and let that energy manifest and show up as miracles in our world.

You will know when it’s time to make another step to bring about change in the world and the collective consciousness. Staying inspired and balanced is key to creating positive change.

If you would like help manifesting your dream life, contact me at We can discuss energy healing, a psychic reading or life coaching and determine what is best, to help you transform your life into a magical experience.

Something to Ponder

Does the mind shape the thoughts or…

do the thoughts shape the mind?

I think it is both, for many people, but we can shift so our mind shapes our thoughts.

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