Welcome to the Energy of the Week for Feb 6 2022

This week you may find yourself in a situation that offers the opportunity of experiencing all the facets of the human life experience ❤️.. It begins with you jumping into a project or commitment that at first seems very exciting and adventurous.. At some point you may begin to feel a bit off kilter or even out of control. This is when it’s best to let go and remember you can’t control anything . Just go with the flow, so to speak. Eventually you will find your balance and move to a place of security. The end of the week will be a great time to practice grounding techniques. You will also have the opportunity to see where your kindness flowed this week and where you struggled to stay in a high vibration mindset .. Think of the energy this week as supporting you in a starting role of a Hollywood mini series .. of course love wins and you are stable at the end .. but expect lots of entertainment along the way🙏❤️